Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Three little Lush pots of goodness

Until recently I had no idea that Lush can offer you little tester pots of stuff to try. I was umming and ahhing my way across the hair section when a looovely helpful lady came to me like the damsel in distress I was. I was after something that would repair my hair and give it the nourishing it needed. 

The three little pots I left the shop with were Rehab shampoo, Veganese conditioner and American cream conditioner. 

Rehab shampoo I was on the fence about, I didn't think that a shampoo would be able to change the condition of my hair- I thought that was what conditioner was for! It smells minty and lasts for ages even after conditioner plopped on top but is not overpowering, it feels quite tingly and refreshing, a real clean feel! I know a lot of people swear by it but it left my hair feeling like it was almost plastic feeling, like there was a coating on it. I guess this is how it repairs the hair but for me it just felt like Barbie hair, not good! 

I tried American Cream next. I was warned that it could be a bit heavy on the hair as it is described as "milkshake thick" was also promised that it would leave my hair beautifully soft and nourished. I was gutted that it left my hair looking really flat because the strawberry and cream scent just smells wonderful. 

Third time lucky: Veganese conditioner. For me it has all the benefits of American cream (sadly without the delicious smell) but doesn't leave my hair as flat. My hair seems to be noticeably different, glossy as anything due to the lemon oil and juice. I'm literally just finding an excuse now to go to my nearest Lush to grab it. Sadly there isn't one for miles. 

Have you tried any of these three? Or can you recommend something to sort out my damaged locks? 

cottonandcandie xx

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