Sunday, 9 August 2015

Tips to avoid graduation nightmares

I was going to do this as like an OOTD post but that would literally be blogging about a dress you can't get anymore and two accessories so instead I'm writing about general tips for graduation. 

1 - Wear a dress that suits your hood.
My hood was red, blue and yellow; Roehampton colours, so I chose a red dress so I knew I would definitely match. Obviously your standard white and black will go with whatever your hood colour but black tended to blend in with the actual robe. 

2. Remember (or rather, forget) your hair
You will be wearing a mortarboard for almost the entire time (my uni didn't allow us to wear the mortarboard when actually graduating, weird) so doing a beautiful updo would be lost under that big old hat. 

3. Bring kirby grips
Another mortarboard related one: bring black bobby pins to keep your hat in place. 

4. Leave the stilts at home
My mum thankfully convinced me to wear a smaller heel than my usual 5inches+ and I am so relieved that I did. Not only did I last all day in them but I was able to confidently strut along that red carpet rather than tottering like an ostrich praying not to fall. 

5. Short dresses
Are a no. Think of all the people that will see you on that day, all of your family and fellow uni students that really would rather not watch you struggle shifting your dress down. They'll also be safe in the lack of knowledge of your underwear colour. 

6. Photos
Take hundreds. You'll never know if someone's blinked until your back at home in your pyjamas and will never be able to take that picture again. 

7. The mortarboard throw
When throwing your mortarboard try not to catch it on the way down otherwise you'll pull a concentration face (or celebration face, as above) that will be with you forever as photographic evidence. Don't worry about letting it fall, I'm pretty sure they can't break (I hope). 

Have you graduated yet? Which one of these tips do you think is most important? 

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