Sunday, 16 August 2015

Nighttime skincare

You see so many "get ready with me" videos and posts but nowhere near as many detailing just how that person prepares their face ready for the next day. 

As I get older I'm growing more and more fond of skincare and am starting to pay attention to what my skin is telling me. I love reading what others are using on their face and feel that it's one of the few beauty products that you can't really "go wrong" with. Whereas you could buy the latest eyeshadow palette and never get the same results as those top MUAs, sigh. 

To take off my make up I use Nivea's refreshing cleansing lotion; I use this as it can be used to get the majority of eye makeup off as well as generally cleansing my face. I use cotton pads which have one side for creams and lotions and one side for liquids such as nail polish remover and toner. (The quilted side is for creams, the one in the photos) I make sure I use one side for face and the other for eyes. 

To make sure my face is squeaky clean I dampen my face with warm water to open pores and then apply Benefit's foamingly clean straight onto my face, full review here. This can be used to make sure there's no traces of eye makeup left but gosh does it sting. I leave this on whilst I'm brushing my teeth and then rinse off with cold water to close pores. 

After gently dabbing my face dry with a towel I use the liquid side of a cotton pad to apply Superdrug's own refreshing toner to my face, ensuring I try to get the last bits of eye makeup off. This is actually my first toner, my Mum gave me this as she had it in a set and wasn't using it, I'm after a Lush one next! Toning is so important to make sure that your pores are all closed back up again so you don't clog them up with creams etc. 

Next is my favourite part. I use around 3-5 pipettes drops of Botanic's smoothing facial oil, applying in circular motions with my fingertips and focussing on drier areas. The smell of this is just beautiful. It reminds me a little bit of baking as I think it smells slightly of marzipan. I was recommended a facial oil after I had a facial at Center parcs as I have combination skin that needs balancing out. I've found this leaves my skin so moisturised and supple. This range from Botanics boasts anti-ageing properties which I'm not sure if I've seen, then again I don't scrutinise my face that much. 

After oiling myself up, pardon the pun, I use quite a gentle eye cream, this one is by Dirtyworks which you can get at Sainsburys, this plumps the undereye area and says it reduces dark circles. I'm looking for a tightening/firming one once I've finished this. 

Finally I apply a night cream also by Botanics which is in the same purple orchid triple age renewal range which claims to reduce wrinkles in four weeks. I'm on my third week now and will be comparing before and after pictures soon! This isn't too thick in my opinion as I find that some night creams feel like you're layering Vaseline into your face which surely can't be good for your pores?! 

Do you have this many steps in your nighttime skincare routine? Have you tried the Botanics range yet, for full range click here.

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