Friday, 14 August 2015

A mid year resolution

I can't even remember what my New Years resolution was but I clearly didn't keep it. Doesn't January seem like ages away? So many things have changed since then that I don't even think that my resolution would be relevant! 

Recently I've been feeling really bad whenever I have anything slightly unhealthy. I go through phases of doing loads of exercise and then phases where I'm eating everything in sight.

When I was at uni it was difficult to eat really healthily as oh my gosh it is just so expensive! But I was also going to the gym near enough every day as it cost me  just £100 for a year which works out about £7 a month so it worked fairly well. 

Now I'm living back at home I don't really have a say in the sort of food we eat as a family so exercise it is. 

My mid year resolution is to make the effort to wake up half an hour earlier each day and do any sort of exercise I feel like. So if it's raining I won't go for a run, I'll do yoga instead or an intense dance themed workout on YouTube. 

That way I'll feel a lot more awake, better in myself and will be able to not feel guilty about eating the odd cookie (or three!) 

Have you kept your 2015 New Years resolution? What do you think about doing a half year resolution? 

cottonandcandie x

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  1. I never do resolutions as I can't keep them haha. But your idea seems very clever, I wish I could be as devoted to my work outs. When you write "intense dance themed workout on YouTube", is there any one that you can recommend that are worth trying? Because it sounds like fun! :)
    / Sara xx


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