Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Top tips on making a good impression | University, School and Work

Making an impression can take seconds to make and seconds to break. 
For everyone starting something new in September this is for you! Or for everyone who wants to try and change the perception of themself in the workplace, this is also for you haha! 

  1. Say good morning to everyone. - Better to be the person to say hello than the person who didn't say it back! People will be a lot more friendly and welcoming to you if you greet them before it gets too awkward and they've been in the same room as you for too long. I've become really friendly with the caretaker of my school and he looks after me so much now! 
  2. Dress to impress. - If you dress like a girl that doesn't look prepared for the job, you will appear it. My sister literally does power dressing. She's quite a young trainee accountant at just 20 years old and rocks up in midi skirts and heels every day, she gets s much respect its unreal. In the same respect, have a look at what others are wearing so you don't massively stick out.
  3.  Ask as many questions as you can while you are new. Once you've been there a few months you won't be able to get away with it so do it while you can!
  4. Join in! Really push yourself to get involved in things: clubs, nights out, etc. Being present for more social things will really help you to make some new friends, as sickening as that sounds, haha. 
  5. Manners cost nothing. Pleases and thank yous are everything. If someone even does a little favour for you, a thank you goes a long way; and they'll remember it, too!
  6. Smile!

So here are my tips for the general newbie. Have you got any other useful tips?
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