Thursday, 2 July 2015

The blogger made me buy it #2: Master precise liner

This is my second post of "The blogger made me buy it" (first post, here). I wouldn't call this a series, more just me being spend happy and believing everything people say on the internet, haha. 

Master precise liner by Maybelline, I'd heard loads of things about it. Some saying it was the holy grail of liner and that they wouldn't use anything else. People claimed it was their go to eyeliner for beautiful cat flicks. 

So naturally I wanted to get my hands on this holy grail liner, but unfortunately I was disappointed. 
Firstly I love the pen liners, I think they're so easy to use and it's definitely less messy. However, the "nib", as it where on this pen liner was really quite long and flexible, meaning it tended to drag across my eye and then once released would splatter eyeliner all of my eyes - not the look I was going for. 

Another issue I found was that the liner wasn't particularly black, and so being a pen the most you could do was just shake the liner like you would a fountain pen in the hope that more liquid would be spread into the nib. Not something I want to be doing at half six in the morning. 

I also found that going over the liner again would sometimes lead to you taking off some of the liner you already applied, so you would have to wait a while for it to try before going over again to make it a more crisp line. 

All in all I know this isn't a glowing review but this could be down to the fact that I am very picky with liners. I prefer a lot thinner applicator so I can be really, well, precise. This obviously is not to say that I wouldn't recommend buying it as so many people absolutely rave about it. But if like me you are picky with liners or don't have the smoothest or steadiest hand, I might say give this a miss. 

Have you tried Master precise? What did you think?
cottonandcandie x

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