Monday, 13 July 2015

Naissant's perlabeige tone correcting shampoo and conditioner

As some of you may know the main reason why my hair got so damaged was using silver shampoo without any conditioner. I was told conditioner would wash out the silvery colour I so badly wanted, so no conditioner is what I did. What I did next was pretty much brush away and snap so much of my hair off because it was just so matted from not conditioning it.

Excuse the horror story, but this is the background behind realising that when I was sent *Naissant's perlabiege shampoo and conditioner I was a bit anxious as it was a tone correcting shampoo and conditioner which was blue in colour, similar to the silver shampoo I used.

Forget about my horror story, this is a different story. Both the shampoo and the conditioner have olive oil and honey in their ingredients to deeply moisturise as well as adding shine. Moisturised and nourished was the exact opposite of my hair after using my previous silver shampoo, so I was already being won over by Naissant.

The shampoo is what takes any brassiness out of the hair, its quite thin in consistency but a little goes a long way. A tip I will give you is that if you bleach your roots like I do, apply the shampoo to the roots for a few minutes before you do the rest of your hair as I always find that it takes a little more time for the roots to take. This way you won't be having a weird drastic ombre look.

You really do not need to leave it on that long to get a noticeable difference, my "after" picture was only after 5 minutes! Such a difference from the ones you have to leave on for an ageee.

The conditioner is equally as exciting. It's still really blue in colour so you're enhancing your hair colour as well as really nourishing your hair. It literally feels silky smooth even after you've washed it out. I'm actually so impressed by the conditioner I would say you could easily use it on its own if you just wanted to take out brassinness in your hair tone rather than opting for the real silver shade. 

Just look at that shine! I'm really impressed with Naissant and will be using this weekly to give my blonde locks a little bit of oomph in colour and a real good treat with conditioning it. It also has a beauuutiful smell. This last photo below just doesn't do my hair any justice as the lighting was a bit awkward but you can really see my enhanced colour towards the bottom of the photo. 

Naissant perlabeige shampoo is available on amazon for sixteen pounds, here. 
Naissant perlabeige tone correcting mask is available on amazon for sixteen pounds, here

Have you tried Naissant yet? Are you as impressed with the results as I am?
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  1. Olive oil and honey sounds so good for the hair! I'm thinking of having my hair an ashy silver soon, hehe. I haven't heard of this brand before though, will keep it in mind whenever I get my hair done!

    becky | star violet

    1. Neither had I but I'm so glad I have. They do an argan oil one and one that accelerates hair growth, too!

  2. Your hair looks fantastic. I like the sound of olive oil & honey for haircare. I bet it's super nourishing. :]

    // ▲ ▲


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