Friday, 10 July 2015

My work capsule wardrobe

So I came back from uni in London about a month and a half ago now and having waaayy too many clothes meant that I just couldn't bring everything back. I got offered supply work in the school which I am starting full time in September which I happily took before realising I had next to no posh teacher-like clothes! 

I went on a spending spree to just get me a few outfits until I go back to uni to bring the rest of my stuff back. This meant I had to be really clever with what I bought so that I could mix and match to create lots of different outfits. Surprisingly, I got a lot of stuff from Matalan, which was very cheap as well as having lots of variety and good value for money. 

I've never been good at having a capsule wardrobe but in this case I've had to, here is some of the stuff I bought and some of the outfits I've put together recently. 

So for staples I bought a scalloped hem t shirt, which I created an OOTD look previously, here.
I bought one in white and one in black, there was a yellowy looking one but with all those thunder flies around at the moment I decided not to brave it. These were both from Matalan at six pounds each which you can purchase, here. For me, plain tees just isn't something I can do which is why I was glad when I saw these as they're a little different; I liked the hem on this and also the high neck which can take me round all the way to Winter, I hope! I'm also loving printed trousers this season, these hareem ones are nice and light to keep you cool in Summer and I love the pattern, because of all the colours they're really versatile. 

I haven't actually worn this outfit yet but I'm looking forward to it, again very light and airy so good in a hot classroom (or office!). I love the colour of this, too. Similar, here. This could also be put with the black and white leggings and maybe the hareem trousers above. I think it's important to have a little colour in a capsule wardrobe! I put this with a standard black midi skirt, this one is from boohoo. 

This is the other scalloped hem tee, this time in black, although this skirt could definitely be worn with either colour. I absolutely love this skirt and that it can be worn for a night out as well as to work. The midi is Topshop from a few years ago and the colours and print is just exquisite. 

Finally the scalloped white tee again as well as the leggings which I mentioned earlier. These are from the children's section but fit really well actually in a size 14-15! These leggings I think can be formal or informal depending on how you dress them, the pattern isn't too loud and I personally think they look really smart for work as they're fitted. Sadly I can't find these online! Next time I think I'll wear this with the pink blouse to add a bit of colour. 

What do you think to my capsule work wardrobe? Which outfit or piece is your favourite?
cottonandcandie x


  1. I love your picks! The pants in the 2nd photograph are so pretty. I think the last outfit is my favorite!


    1. Thank you! I love them ones too, they're super comfy as well! xx


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