Sunday, 19 July 2015

Mac Morange

I was after a real bright orange shade of lipstick to go with my white Summer ball dress, you can see the full outfit here. And bright was definitely what I got. 

Morange is described as a "loudmouth orange" by Mac, that's literally all the description they give. But to be fair does it need a description? 

On Mac's website it looks almost a tomato soup orange but I can assure you it's not.
I personally love the shade, it's fun, Summery and a nice change from the standard red lip. In fact it's actually yellow based.
I've never tried amplified creme before, or amplified for that matter. It's suuuper moisturising but a real nightmare to apply, this really isn't a slick on and go lipstick; you definitely need a lip brush for this. It's not as pigmented as you'd think for an amplified lipstick as it tends to lean more towards being 
 creamy and slightly glossy. However, this does mean you can build your coverage to make it as opaque as you'd like. 

Have you tried an amplified creme? What do you think of Morange?
cottonandcandie x


  1. Have been looking for a shade like this for ages, thank you for the post! I love this colour :D

    Serene xoxo

    1. I'm glad! Sure it will look great on you :) xx


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