Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Garden party plans

For my birthday I wanted to do something a little different than the usual night out, my cousin had the amazing idea of a garden party and seeing as where I live has quite a big garden it was definitely able to happen.
Seeing as this birthday I was 22 I wanted it to be mature and "grown up" enough yet I wanted to do games to get people talking and break the ice between people that didn't know each other.
We overloaded on crisps, popcorn, peanuts, cupcakes and barbecue food as standard and prayed for the weather to hold off.
As far as games were concerned we tied doughnuts to the washing line and you had to eat them without using your hands. It was a jammy nightmare and most of them fell to the floor. Definitely try this it's absolutely hilarious.
Me and my Mum and boyfriend also set out an assault course where you had to put on two different sized wellies, go under an army net, step in and out of a ladder, go through a hoola hoop, down a drink and then go round a broom five times with your head down before going back to your team in a wibbly wobbly state. It's amazing how a bit of team building can really bring people together.
We also had wheelbarrows to sit in, twister, roasting marshmallows, board games and loads of other silly things. Lots of people came up to me just to say they were having a really good time, it definitely made a difference from the usual parties where you're standing around a little awkward!
Have you had your birthday recently? What did you do?
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