Wednesday, 3 June 2015

The double side split skirt

I've always loved these skirts, a beautiful, sheer material with a short opaque slip underneath to hide your dignity. This time it's with two slits up the hem so we can walk without looking like a penguin, ahh. The mint green is perfect for summer and as the slits don't go up too high even if it blows in the wind you're still safe. This really is a gorgeous, fail safe piece, well done H&M! 

I wore this to go for a meal on the embankment in Waterloo, we were really early for our train so I got a chance to take some pictures of this outfit. I put the skirt with a plain, simple white strappy top and my newest love, the Miss Sixty denim jacket from Camden, only ten pounds! I love the chunky boyfriend cut of this, so summery yet so practical! 

Necklace from Primark and boat style shoes I've had for years and years from New look. Suuuper comfy and can be worn with or without socks. 

Have you been edging into a more Summery wardrobe?
cottonandcandie x


  1. Cute skirt! I love how maxi skirts and dresses look on others, but unfortunately I think I'd get bothered by the length of the fabric! I got a denim jacket somewhat recently, I used to hate how they looked but paired with the right choice of clothes, they add a nice touch to the outfit :)

    becky | star violet

    1. I had mine turned up soo much - I'm so short hahaha! I totally agree, it can instantly "toughen up" and look so you have to be prepared for that! xx


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