Friday, 26 June 2015

High end hair mask

When I think of high end products I think of make up, skin care and general beauty. Thinking of haircare I would definitely consider Moroccanoil as high end. There are a lot of things out there claiming to have Moroccan oil in it, but in my eyes the signature orange and blue packaging is what symbolises real Moroccan oil to me.

This is deemed a reconstructive formula and is deeply nourishing for dry, damaged hair like mine. If you sadly have frizzy, dyed hair this is perfect for you. 

At over 30 pounds I am glad that the Morroccanoil Restorative Hair Mask is a real thick, intense product, you can feel you're getting your moneys worth. The smell is beautiful, it really is a signature thing of there's. I also love the consistency. It's in really quite a big tub compared to other hair masks I've tried, but then it is over double the money!

One thing I always forget is to put this on wet hair. Using it on damp hair, the way it is intended, means a little goes a long way as you don't need any product to make the hair wet with the treatment initially. Because of this, combing through the hair is a lot easier. 

Moroccanoil recommend to leave this on for 5-7 minutes and to do the treatment once weekly and gradually less as the condition of your hair improves. The martyr I am I leave this on for hours (yeah my hair is quite bad..) but afterwards I literally get compliments saying my hair looks shinier and healthier. 

As I chop and change hair masks quite a lot I cannot say I've seen long term effects as I use quite a combination, however when I feel my hair is in need of a real treat I always reach for this.

What do you consider to be high end hair care?
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