Friday, 12 June 2015

Happiness is...

1. Making the first fresh tracks in snow
2. Decorating cupcakes
3. Finding a pair of shoes in the sale in your exact size
4. Completing a workout
5. When you're feeling a bit rubbish and someone says you look nice today
6. Finally being able to go for a wee when you really needed to
7. Not setting an alarm
8. A warm welcome from your family dog after a hard day
9. Eyebrows/eyeliner that are even
10. Sitting down after standing up all day
11. Being able to wear shorts for the first time in the year
12. Unexpected letters or cards that aren't bills!
13. New underwear
14. Finding money on the floor
15. Seeing old friends and family you haven't seen in forever - and it's like you haven't been apart!
16. Fluffy white towels from hotels
17. Breakfast/tea in bed
18. Seeing city lights at night
19. Touching down from a flight
20. Ticking off everything on your to do list
21. Baby animals
22. Looking forward to waking up because you've got a good day ahead
23. The sound of a drink can opening
24. Laughing so hard your cheeks hurt
25. The smell of a BBQ/bonfire
26. Making exciting plans
27. Snuggly jumpers
28. Seeing a dog or cat dreaming
29. People waking themselves up tallking
30. When people wait to wave goodbye when you're on a train or bus
31. Pretty wrapping on presents
32. Getting a text from someone you haven't heard from in ages
33. Old couples holding hands
34.  Babies feet
35. Pay day
36. Being smiled at by a passer by
37. Walking into a house which smells of baking
38. Hearing the microwave ding
39. Bare feet on fluffy carpet
40. Putting on a piece of clothing which has been on the radiator
41. Bubble wrap
42. Making someone laugh
43. When you have one more square of chocolate/crisp/sweet than you thought you have
44. Having room for dessert
45. When you get to the till and your item is less than you thought
46. Seeing a bridal car
47. Progress
48. Crying with laughter
49. When the clocks go back and you get an extra hour
50. When you find something you thought you had lost

What makes you happy?
cottonandcandie x


  1. Great post, love it! :) X Minale

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, I tried to make them as universal as I could haha xx


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