Sunday, 14 June 2015

Benefit make over: what I thought and what I bought

As I was wandering around Bentalls Kingston when I was approached by a Benefit beauty consultant and asked if I wanted a makeover, I mean how could I say no! She explained that she was doing this as part of her job interview for Benefit Kingston, and that she was moving from Benefit Croydon so already had a lot of knowledge in the way of their products. 

She took off all of my make up except my brows and eye make up and started right from scratch. First of all she showed me the Refined finish facial polish, a gentle exfoliator with perfectly spherical beads to softly scrub away any impurities. I often get random bumps on my skin which don't amount to anything just around the side of my face, I thought this would be perfect for this and I was so tempted to buy this but chatting to her she explained that this could be due to dehydrating the skin, therefore exfoliating less is the key here (I was exfoliating nearly every other day, whoops!). 

Instead I opted to buy the Foamingly clean facial wash, will be reviewing this fully soon but the low down is... 
It's a daily facial cleanser which comes out of the bottle as a cream and once applied to damp skin it lathers up a major amount, hence the foamingly clean. Keep an eye out for my review on this, I'm loving it so far!

Next up was the Instant comeback serum. She really recommended this for my dehydrated skin but I just could not justify 36 pounds for this! It did however leave my skin silky smooth and is said to minimise signs of aging by firming, smoothing and energising. I would love to get this but I'd have to be feeling really spendy!

Something that I am interested in getting is the Triple performing facial emulsion. A light, oil free hydrating cream with SPF 15. The "triple performing" bit is that it hydrates, protects and comforts (awwh.) I was given a little tester sample of this and really loved the lightweight texture and it wasn't greasy at all. I also love that it has SPF in it, means I won't get caught out!

Now this I was surprised at. Porefessional face primer. It's describes as a lightweight balm which has a little colour to it, it feels so silky on! I had a little tube of this which was a freebie from something and I had no idea what it was so never used it! Since using it I really think I've seen a difference with the amount of time my make up wears, especially when at work and getting hot and bothered! I also paid particularly attention to applying it to my eyebrows before filling them in which has made a huge difference to how long it lasts - will definitely buy again!

Onto foundation, she applied Hello flawless oxygen wow in Ivory - believe in me. For me this wasn't amazing, my skin did feel smooth and silky but was this down to all the prep of serums, primers, etc? For me a foundation has never really wowed me, if it's a real full coverage then I look a bit weird because it covers my freckles, and if it's light then it's just like my standard BB cream really, I don't know?

One thing that I was quite excited about was the Fake up concealer, she showed me that there's a balm all around the outside of the stick which is super hydrating with Vitamin E and apple seed extract and that the concealer is in the middle. On looking in the mirror I was disappointed to see it had barely covered my dark circles at all, it almost looked like they had been highlighted, not good.

This one is one for my birthday list: Majorette cream to powder blush. I've heard a lot about this, beauty bloggers everywhere raved about it, and now I'm about to as well. The Benefit beauty consultant explained that this blush was quite close to Benefit's heart as the founders of Benefit both used to be majorettes and this was the colour of their uniform. I absolutely loved this punchy coraly-orange (is that a phrase?). It really is beautiful and made my eyes look so blue, she also popped some on my lips as well, I love a lip and cheek combo.

Next she applied a highlighter, on choosing Sun beam I was a bit apprehensive as I normally go for silver undertones, whereas this is a real gold. She explained that she thought it would compliment Majorette and she was 100% right, it really looked gorgeous.

Finally she did a little contouring with Hoola, UK's no1 best selling bronzer, and I can see why. No glitter or sparkles or any of that stuff, just a good old matte powder, perfect for contouring or all over the face. Thinking about it now this is about to go onto my wishlist too. 

I've officially be taken over to the Benefit side, I seriously didn't realise how good their skincare range was and their variety of different products, I really could look at and coo at them all day. 

Are you loving Benefit? What's your favourite piece?
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  1. I love benefit, although I totally agree some of their products are a little on the pricey side! Their skincare is incredible though, I like to stock up on the mini kits they do over christmas!

    dannah | australian lifestyle blog

    1. Ah great tip! I guess it's good to get the mini kits to see what you like! Xx


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