Tuesday, 30 June 2015

14 things I'll miss about living at university

Whether you're just starting, finishing, in the middle of or lusting after uni, I'm sure you can relate to this in some way. Those of you just starting or lusting after, maybe this will give you a little insight of what to expect! Here's what I'll miss!

1. At least one of your flatmates will always be up for a movie night. Ditto takeaway, night out, shopping trip. 

2. It being completely acceptable to go for a nap at any time. 2pm, 8pm, it's all the same. 

3. Unplanned gatherings in the hallway, corridor or landing. It will start off with two of you procrastinating, before you know it the whole flat will be sat having a deep and meaningful chat (DMC.)

4. Intense board games, or drinking games ;)

5. Living with three/four/nine girls = triple/quadruple/nonuple (yes I just googled) times the wardrobe!

6. The excitement when a friend brings round a potential boyfriend/girlfriend back to the flat. Always ends in a DMC afterwards.

7. Your boyfriend from the other side of the country living two minutes walk away. Yes, I know, soppy. 

8.  You'll have different people you can go to for different things, and all under one roof. The person you go to when you need a laugh, when you need advice, a gossip, your hair doing..

9. And there's always the one that will motivate you to stop procrastinating and get some work done! Surprisingly, I was not this person. 

10. Being super excited when two of you make the same meal without realising or manage to eat together at the same time. Whens'a your dolmio day!?

11. My flat being minutes walk away from a shop, the gym, a bar, a cash machine, my lessons! Okay maybe not the gym..

12. Still being in your pyjamas at 4pm with the excuse that you didn't have a lecture that day. 

13. Going on a mad shopping spree as a group because it's student loan day. Nothing is better than armfulls of bags and happy faces, is there?

14. Lazing around beautiful places such as the one pictures above, which is actually my uni. 

Are you currently at or going to uni? Which ones of these do you love or are looking forward to the most?
cottonandcandie x 

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