Sunday, 3 May 2015

Top 10 accessories

Accessories are what makes an outfit. I always used to forget to put them on until I moved them right where I could see them onto this heart memo board. The only thing you can't really hang on here is earrings and rings, but seeing as I wear the same rings every day and only tend to wear earrings when I go out this doesn't really bother me. You can get the heart memo board from amazon, here.

From my big collection of everything I narrowed down my top 10 accessories and here they are in no particular order. I didn't quite realise how many accessories are from Topshop here!

1. Burgundy headband 
I think I may have mentioned before that I have one of those funny shaped heads which headbands just seem to slide off, but this tie up one definitely stays put (it doesn't budge an inch if you hair grip it in, too). I often wear this If my hair is up and just needs a bit of something to brighten it up a bit. I can't exactly remember where I got this from but the last place I remember seeing them was River Island. Again, I'm sure ebay will do some cheap alternatives!

2. Triangle cut out necklace
I went through a real gold triangle phase and this was the outcome. I still wear it a lot despite not being so triangular obsessed anymore as I love the collar look to this, it goes perfectly with a buttoned up shirt. Similar, here.

3. Pandora bracelet
Everyone and their Mum has one of these - unless you're like my Mum who only wears gold and at 1k a bracelet I don't think I'll be earning that sort of money anytime soon! I have a lot of charms. I got this for my 18th and everyone jumped on he bandwagon with buying me a charm. It's quite cute because each one tells a story. Let me know if you'd like to see an individual post about it!

4. Triangle earrings
More triangles. I tend to go for these on a night out as they're dangly but not gigantic like most earrings seem to be these days. I'd rather spend more time on hair and make up than have statement earrings that stretch your earlobes. Similar here and here.

5. Tortoiseshell sunglasses
I cannot believe I'm wearing tortoiseshell again. I remember when I wore tortoiseshell when I was little and I was so uncool for not wearing your standard black. Because I have a really light eyes I was told by my optician that sunglasses are vital for me as my the pigment in my eye could lighten - scary! 16.50 from Topshop

6. That trio necklace
I've wanted a little set of necklaces that go together for ages but couldn't find any but now I have it and I'm wearing it to death. I love the little coin and how there's two chains drape either side, so pretty. I somehow cut off the third section of the necklace out of the shot but you can see and buy it from Topshop,  here.

7. Multicoloured earrings
Do these count as triangles? I'm not sure. I don't wear these much as they're a bit chunky for a stud but I love the colours. These are Topshop's around two years ago and I can't find anything similar! Definitely need to start wearing them more now!

8. Large round frame glasses
These were a real cheapie pair from holiday - you know the type. Although they are mirrored and say that they are 100 UV, not sure? Love the retro festival feel to these. Similar, here from zerouv which I have just discovered and now love!

9. Bunnie eared hairband
An update on the velvet bunnie ears I did a post on in March: summer bunnie eared scrunchies. Which I think are a lot more suitable now the weather is a bit brighter. So glad I got my hands on this beautiful tropical print, have a look at Topshop's other scrunchies here

10. The all season scarf
By all season I mean because it's white and grey these colours go with everything. It's quite thin so can be worn with a chunky coat in Winter and as a general accessory in summer. It's pretty much my only "fashion scarf" and I have loved and worn it for around five years now (wow..)

Which accessories do you prefer to wear? Which ones of mine are your favourites?
cottonandcandie x


  1. Bunny ear headband?! How cute!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! Such a festival staple xx

  3. Wonderful way to store your faves. I really like the trio necklace.


  4. Your sunglasses are lovely and I love the wall hanging you keep them on too :) xx

    Magpie Jasmine

  5. Okay so I'm obsessed with sunglasses at the moment,so naturally loveee those sunglasses gurl!! Also the red headband and the bunny ears are Adorable!! Xoxo


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