Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The one and only | Mac Velvet Teddy

The most perfect nude. I'm sure even just saying that the one name which would naturally come to your lips would be: Mac Velvet Teddy. It's one of those shades that beauty bloggers don't even necessarily try, they just need it. Which is exactly what I did.

My boyfriend went to Switzerland last month and me with my overexcited duty free head on thought that they would definitely have Mac Velvet Teddy in the airport. Nope. He even looked whilst he was in Switzerland, cutie. He felt so bad that he couldn't find it that he ordered it from an extortionate price from the internet. I'm talking way double than the RRP, eek. 

Wasn't it a good job that I love it, eh?
I personally think that this shade looks different on everyone; it is described as a deep toned beige but on me it is a gorgeous caramel colour which I just cannot get enough of. It has even replaced Twig, my go to everyday lispstick. I'm loving the everlasting 90s nude matte lip trend and this definitely ticks that box. For me it's the lipstick colour that if you can't decide what to wear just go with Velvet Teddy and you won't be disappointed.

For a matte finish it goes on surprisingly smoothly and lasts hours, I've actually had comments from people saying how impressed the staying power of my lipstick is even after eating and drinking.

All in all I've been far from disappointed.
Have you got your hands on velvet teddy?
cottonandcandie x


  1. Ive never tried this color, BUT I WANT TO. It looks so nice <333

    (IG: @TheStardustBohemian)

  2. Ahhh I'm seeing this everywhere and I'm trying to resist buying it but its so difficult it looks so lovely!!


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