Friday, 15 May 2015

The ali baba trouser

When I was younger any trousers that were a bit baggy were known as ali baba trousers. You know the ones, where the crotch is massively low and you look like you've done a -

I'll stop there. I've wanted a pair for quite a while but finding a pair of trousers that fit at 5'1 is less than simple. These are embarrassingly New look 915, aka the kiddies section. At 13 pounds it was a case of shut-up-and-take-my-money. 

I adore the bright blue and coral aztec pattern and they are just luxuriously comfy. I'm loving the fact that they look really quite sophisticated yet are the equivalent of trackies. Whoever thought of these, I absolutely salute you. They're a little high waisted so look great with a cute crop top as they come over your belly button. They also have a small black rouched cuff at the end of each leg (which you can't quite see - sorry!) which means that they can't physically be too long as they sit nicely at your ankles. 

If you want to nab a pair for yourselves there's a direct link, here.
And if you're not a shorty like me, here are some similar printed trousers in the regular New look section here and here

How do you feel about these? Do you have a pair?
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