Saturday, 9 May 2015

Fitness fashion

I was that kid that would be second to last in cross country every single year. I was pretty naff at sports and was only able to do short distance sprints and that's about it. Since starting uni I went to the gym and started loving it. I felt in control of what I wanted to do and started to go to the gym every day, like I would try to take the weekend off but got bored and ended up going anyway, I was that much of a gym bunnie. Now I'm in my third year of uni and things are a lot more intense I find myself not being able to go as much as I'd like to anymore so I've changed my routine so that when I do go I make the most out of it. 

I wear my amazingly bright Nike trainers which I got off of depop for quite cheap at 50 pounds compared to usual brand new Nikes. These are Nike free run 3 in coral. The free run collection means that it allows for flexible movement so wearing them feels close to running barefoot - more natural and not as bulky.
Trainers are so so important. If you're just starting to get into the idea of the gym and don't have much in the way of gymwear, get these first. The rest can definitely come later, you and your ankles will thank me!

When I first started off going to the gym I just wore your standard black leggings, a bra that held me in a bit and a baggy t shirt. Every time I had a little bit of money I would buy another item until I had a full work out outfit.

Now I wear a proper shock absorber sports bra in bright pink. This one really holds you in, I'm talking looking like a complete boy here. At the time I heard lots of rumours about needing to have quite a heavy duty high support bra but now I don't feel it to be too necessary. Sports bras are something you can never have too much of in my opinion. I got a bright green Nike one for Christmas which is a lighter support one and still does the job. I feel you can go really quite loud with your sports bras as you only see a peek. 

I also wear 3/4 length running leggings which I wear all year round, full length are just way too hot for me! I have a black pair which are Karrimor from Sports direct and a grey pair from Primark. Both are as good as each other but I wouldn't recommend getting a grey pair if you sweat a lot, eek! 

Lastly I wear a black sports vest, also Karrimor, I'd say this is definitely the item that is better in a bigger size. I have one which is an XS and oh my gosh does it cut into my shoulders, ouch! I prefer to wear the sports vests as they're a bit higher necked than your standard vest so you know you're fully covered with whatever you're doing.

Are you just starting up at the gym? What do you wear if you go?
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  1. nice! sadly, i hardly exercise and i'd probably wear a sports bra+a ratty old tee and some gym shorts. haven't gotten into the whole gym fashion.

    1. I honestly feel so much more motivated when I'm wearing nice gym clothes! xx

  2. Nice Inspirations

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