Monday, 25 May 2015

Everyday jewellery

Some people say jewellery makes an outfit. You can have a standard dress and the jewels you pair it with can really alter everything - that's the beauty of accessories, a dress can be worn more than once to different formality occasions just by changing how you wear it. 

Here's the accessories that I wear every day and pretty much never take off. 

The Pandora bracelet - everyone and their Mum has got one of these (apart from my Mum, who said she wanted a gold one which I said I'd get her without realising it's 1k. Woa.) I've always loved the idea of charm bracelets and Pandora really is the King (or Queen) of charm bracelets. There's so many charms to choose from including coloured glass beads as well as silver ones of pretty much whatever you can think of. They also have summer and winter collections which always bring out some real beauties - like my Santa and the sleigh. I love that each charm tells a story of why the person got it for you and who it was that bought it for you.

The rings - so the ring on my finger is another Pandora piece. I adore this ring, I got it for my 21st and it's just so pretty. I love the singular gold heart. These are known as stacker rings so you can pair more rings together with them to create your own signature look. The blue ring is H. Samuel I believe and was also a birthday present (16th - so nearly 6 years old!). The central stone is blue topaz with sapphires and diamonds on either side. So special.

The last one was a 21st gift and so I'm not sure where it is from. It's a bracelet which my Uncle's girlfriend bought me - as well as a bottle of bubbly! I love how delicate it is with the amber beads and the cute little silver heart. I think this goes well with my Pandora bracelet because it's really simple.

Do you have jewellery that you wear everyday?
cottonandcandie x


  1. Nice Inspirations

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  2. The blue ring is so beautiful! :)


    1. Thank you! I'm amazed I've had it so long! xx


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