Thursday, 16 April 2015

The top 10 SS15 trends you need to know

The warmer weather is fast approaching and I don't know about you but I do not feel wardrobe ready! Here's a quick low down of the top 10 trends for Spring/Summer this year, 2015. 

1. The 70s are back! Think wide legged patterned trousers, feminine tailoring and boho vibes. Everything was exaggerated in the 70s - mini skirts were real mini, short shorts were real short and trousers were long.

2.   Peekaboo. Cut outs (see my cold shoulder top, here), sheer shirts and panels and peekaboo pieces. It's all about that slight (or serious) show of skin this season.

3. Denim. In a variety of blues from royal and navy to baby and light wash. The denim dress is back but with a cinched in waist which complements the waistline focus of this season. Shirts and jackets are fitted with jeans coming in bootcut, culottes and real ankle swinging styles

4. Gingham and check gets a bit of a cheer up with pastel shades, thinner materials and match matchy co ords.

5. Florals, for spring? Groundbreaking. This season think bright 3D tropical prints- the bolder the better!

6. Suede. There was a lot of suede around in the 70s, hence it coming back with a vengeance now. Typical 70s suede style was a buttoned up shirt which would come in a variety of colours (sometimes even patchwork), if that's not your style there's always fringed bags and belts in the signature burnt orange and tawny brown suede.

7. Sassy sportwear. Think about that cheeky tennis poster girl. Give a subtle nod to sports luxe with little touches such as cute bright pumps, pleated skirts, whites, brights and not forgetting the compulsory large hand held bag.

8. Thrills for frills. Frills are coming in all varieties this Spring. We'll be seeing pretty ballerina style A line skirts as well as below the knee romantic ruffles.

9. It's all about that waist. Baring the midriff in pretty co ords or cinching it in, the focus is on the waistline

10. White. There's a lot of confusion about whether to go for brights or pastels, (pastel for spring, bright for summer?) but one thing for certain is that a staple colour of the season is white.

All images from google images.

Which trends are your favourites?
cottonandcandie x


  1. I love the suede trend and I used to not be into gingham but I really like the contemporary version of this print. Enjoyable post.


    1. I was the same about gingham but love it now! Thank you! xx

  2. LOVE the Devil Wears Prada reference! The fashion world kind of scares me so thanks for breaking down this season, this is so helpful! I'm chuffed I actually knew about the 70s revival - I'm loving all the floppy hats in Topshop & New Look right now. Fab post! xx

    Roxie ♥

    1. Haha I was wondering how many people would get it! 70s for me is scary, big, long trousers just isn't something a short girl like me can pull off easily haha, Thank you! xx

  3. I have been loving the spring summer trends this year - 70s and suede are my favourites!x

    Electra Violet ||

    1. Definitely gonna have to stock up on suede! xx


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