Thursday, 2 April 2015

March roundup and April wishes

I haven't done a wishes post in agess, for those of you who haven't read one of mine before it basically means what I wish or hope to happen in the upcoming month. I thought I'd also pair this post up with a little update of things which happened in my little bubble in March.

Picture one: Presents from my gorgeous class
Picture two: baby ducks in nursery class
Picture three: sunset at my university
Picture four: my new baby

  1. I completed my final Teaching practice in reception and was graded as a high teacher which is the highest grade, I literally couldn't be happier!
  2. I went to Gourmet Burger Kitchen for the first time and had a Salvadore (Pork and chorizo with avocado, chipotle sauce and garlic mayo) burger which was incredible. Hands down the best burger I've ever had. 
  3. I was told I look like Elsa from Frozen by around four separate five year olds. Yes. 
  4. I've discovered my passion for blogging again and have realised that actually I don't need the newest brand of everything because it's what you put together in outfit or make up posts and your application or style which counts.
  5. The condition of my hair finally started to improve, ditching tresemme was definitely the right move!
  6. I got my beautiful little lovebug, Vinnie the Volkswagen.  
April wishes
  1. I hope to continue to be inspired to blog and schedule enough posts to get me through my deadlines without having any blogging gaps.
  2. I hope to go to the gym more and focus on staying healthy (after all the Easter choc of course!)
  3. I'm going to make the effort to be a lot more considerate of others. I recently went to a funeral of a family friend who is around my Dad's age - he died in a car accident so it was completely out of the blue and it really puts into perspective the time we have and how precious it is. I wouldn't want the last I thought about someone to be unkind - remember everyone is fighting their own battles.
  4. Take more photos! For posts like these with monthly updates I really need pictures to illustrate everything, rather than just ootd photos which seems to be all my camera roll is at the moment!

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