Wednesday, 29 April 2015


What have I been up to lately? Not blogging that's what.
Eek - sorry guys! I've been massively busy recently but I'm all sorted now with loads of make up and beauty bits photographed and ready to chat to you about.

Here's what I've been up to lately:

- I went to a Wahaca for the first time, I've never heard of it before but I'm definitely going again. It's a Mexican restaurant where you can order small plates of cute little tacos, quesadillas and other Mexican style snacks with gorgeous fillings. I went to the one in Westfield White City and I totally recommend, the people are so friendly, too!

- I've got three new Mac purchases, eek! Morange, a bright orange lipstick; the holy grail nude that is Velvet Teddy and the very last limited edition Ripe peach Mac Toledo ombre blush in Kingston.

- I had a 4500 word essay to do which I realised two weeks before the deadline. Oops. (That's the main reason I've been so bad at scheduling posts!) Now it's all done and I have nothing in til end of May, ahhh. 

- A few days ago me and my boyfriend Mitch stayed up til 2am playing impersonate and guess the iPhone emoji which is a lot more hilarious than it sounds.

- My Summer ball is on the 23rd May and I've only just started thinking about needing to get a dress for it and the fact that I should definitely be going to the gym more than I am now. Which currently is around once a fortnight.

- I finished watching Fresh Meat! It was a bit of a sad ending if I'm honest, not sure if they'll make another series but the first series is a lot funnier than the rest.

- I finally got my brows done at the Benefit brow bar in Westfield after just doing it myself for a while and oh gosh, you don't realise how bad they were until after they've been done, woah. 

What have you been up to lately?
cottonandcandie x

Monday, 27 April 2015

One item three ways: Tropical crop

I've wanted to do a one item three ways post for a while but have never been patient enough to change three times to take pictures. Today I was apparently in a patient mood and so was my lovely boyfriend.

I got this cute little crop top from New look kids section, it is embarrassingly age 12-13 (not as embarrassing as the trousers which are also 12-13 and are too long) but hey no tax on children's clothes so it's a lot cheaper at only 8 pounds.

I must admit I first thought it had pineapples on it and was a disappointed when I realised it didn't, but this does mean it now ticks the tropical box for this seasons trends, see my post on this here.

First was my original outfit, pairing the crop top with your standard  black skater skirt and pointed toe flats, a bit wintery due to the dark colouring but can easily be cheered up with a bright lip or jacket.

Next I put the crop with a pair of white wash denim shorts which I bought a few years ago and vans for a more casual Summer look, I can already picture wearing this in Richmond park in the sun. I also love this with the floaty scarf.

Lastly I wore the tropical crop with a pair of white joni jeans from Topshop, a pink snood from Primark and heavy duty chunky boots which are also from Primark.

Which look is your favourite?
cottonandcandie x

Friday, 24 April 2015

Strong, sassy hair: H'Suan Wen Hua Lush hair treatment

Firstly, sorry for missing a blog post, deadlines got the better of me but I'm all done until the end of May now, yayy!

As I've mentioned more times than I care to remember, my hair is in dreadful condition. My hair is the type that you put it up into a pony tail, take the hairband out and it will stay in that position: yeah, that bad. My hair used to be so so soft and great, I never had problems with it and no matter what cheapie shampoo I used it would still be shiny and full of life. This was until I used silver shampoo on my hair which completely matted my hair together, so when I brushed it I was effectively just brushing my hair out, ouch. 
If you're thinking of using silver shampoo just remember to dollop gallons of conditioner on afterwards, don't make the same mistake as me! 

Onto this little life saver. 
I asked one of the Lush assistants which would be a good hair mask for me and she immediately walked me towards H'Suan Wen Hua. The only bad thing about this product is that I literally cannot pronounce its name.

Lush describes it as a hair moisturiser, which is exactly what my hair needed. The product is a mix of bananas, eggs, avocado and other goodies which are well known for their hair strengthening properties. Eggs especially are known for providing a protective coating onto the hair as well as adding shine due to the sheer amount of protein which can be found in them. 

Another thing which I was really impressed with is that it recommends to apply directly onto dry hair. It is so darn moisturising that even on dry hair you can feel your hair softening, there's no need for water first at all. 

Bottom line is, it is amazing. I was uncertain about the smell at first but I've now really warmed to it. There's a spicy hint to it which reminds me of cloves and Christmas! However, if you don't warm to the smell, it only needs 20 minutes contact with the hair before washing out with shampoo. Even my hair in the awful condition it is only needs 20 minutes to completely transform it into the soft silky hair we all so desperately want. 

At under ten pounds for a pot that lasts me around five treatments (usually recommended for just two treatments but my hair is so thin it doesn't need much!) I think that really isn't bad at all. 

Have you tried any Lush hair treatments? Which one is your favourite?
cottonandcandie x

Monday, 20 April 2015

How to survive deadline season.

Deadline season for uni-goers is either fast approaching or you're right in the middle of the thick of it, waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Right now I'm working on a 4500 word essay in for Friday, so of course this is the perfect time to ironically write a post on my tips about how to survive deadline season. 

1. Work out when and where you work best.
It took me pretty much the whole of my uni course to work out that I work best at night in my room, when everyone has gone to bed, when all social media has quietened down a bit, no one is still up so my phone isn't going off and it's deemed as unacceptable to be raiding the fridge. Because of this I've learnt to say n to those group study sessions during the day at the library because I know that I just will not get any work done.

2. Get rid of distractions. 
If you sit down to work and know you're hungry or thirsty you'll be setting yourself up for failure. Instead, bring everything you need with you to your study area so you have no excuse to be wandering around the house.
3. You deserve a break.
If you're staying in on a warm sunny day, envious of everyone else that is outside enjoying the sunshine, then do just that. The more you miss out on the more you will come to despise doing your work, meaning that you will not work your best. Set a time to go back and work by or an amount of work until you can go and do the fun thing that you would rather be doing.

4. If you really just aren't in the mood
Get out of the house, or do some form of exercise and come back to it. Exercise is said to be one of the best ways to really get yourself motivated to do work - you will feel productive already as you've burnt off some calories and have got rid of any nervous energy which could bubble up when you're trying to work. 

5. Set goals for each day
And these need to be reasonable. Saying that you want to write all your essay in one go is not reasonable and you will just feel completely overwhelmed when not reaching your target. For me, I worked out the smallest I could write each day and still have time to reread, so when I met that target and more, I felt really proud of what I had achieved and it meant my next goal was a lot smaller.

Yes I just block capital italic and bolded - (bolded?) It takes no time at all to stick a USB pen in and back up your work. If you don't have one, email it to yourself. You  just need something for if your work vanishes, your lecturers are not going to accept this as a reason for an extension and you'll be rewriting your whole assignment again. 

Good luck everyone! Let me know your top tips and how your work is coming along!
cottonandcandie x 


Saturday, 18 April 2015

The £1 lip pencil

This make up was for your average standard day, and to be honest I was almost a little disappointed that it was because I loved how this turned out. I have no idea what I did differently, I used my usual everyday make up but for some reason it just seemed more glowy than usual.

Onto my £1 lip pencil. Me and my sister were skimming through the Primark beauty section, she's a one for false lashes and nails so was in her element really, whereas I've honestly never bought anything from Primark's beauty range. She found this lip pencil and wasn't sure of it, but I loved it straight away, and for £1 it would be silly not to buy it really! 


For me, this is the lip pencil for the "my-lips-but-better" look. It's a warm, brown toned nude shade which is really buildable, and as it's a pencil it means you can really work on creating the perfect lip shape (this is quite difficult for me as I have a scar going through my lip which means I have a pretty uneven cupids bow). 

The pencil needs a small amount of force to create a real strong colour but once on this lasts for ages, the wear really is impressive. 

What do you think to this Primark find? Do you have much from Primark beauty?
cottonandcandie x

Thursday, 16 April 2015

The top 10 SS15 trends you need to know

The warmer weather is fast approaching and I don't know about you but I do not feel wardrobe ready! Here's a quick low down of the top 10 trends for Spring/Summer this year, 2015. 

1. The 70s are back! Think wide legged patterned trousers, feminine tailoring and boho vibes. Everything was exaggerated in the 70s - mini skirts were real mini, short shorts were real short and trousers were long.

2.   Peekaboo. Cut outs (see my cold shoulder top, here), sheer shirts and panels and peekaboo pieces. It's all about that slight (or serious) show of skin this season.

3. Denim. In a variety of blues from royal and navy to baby and light wash. The denim dress is back but with a cinched in waist which complements the waistline focus of this season. Shirts and jackets are fitted with jeans coming in bootcut, culottes and real ankle swinging styles

4. Gingham and check gets a bit of a cheer up with pastel shades, thinner materials and match matchy co ords.

5. Florals, for spring? Groundbreaking. This season think bright 3D tropical prints- the bolder the better!

6. Suede. There was a lot of suede around in the 70s, hence it coming back with a vengeance now. Typical 70s suede style was a buttoned up shirt which would come in a variety of colours (sometimes even patchwork), if that's not your style there's always fringed bags and belts in the signature burnt orange and tawny brown suede.

7. Sassy sportwear. Think about that cheeky tennis poster girl. Give a subtle nod to sports luxe with little touches such as cute bright pumps, pleated skirts, whites, brights and not forgetting the compulsory large hand held bag.

8. Thrills for frills. Frills are coming in all varieties this Spring. We'll be seeing pretty ballerina style A line skirts as well as below the knee romantic ruffles.

9. It's all about that waist. Baring the midriff in pretty co ords or cinching it in, the focus is on the waistline

10. White. There's a lot of confusion about whether to go for brights or pastels, (pastel for spring, bright for summer?) but one thing for certain is that a staple colour of the season is white.

All images from google images.

Which trends are your favourites?
cottonandcandie x

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Travel inspo.

I'm not sure I know anyone who doesn't want to travel the world, why wouldn't you want to go to different countries, meet new people, do and eat new things?
Recently I've sort of dropped into conversation to my parents that I would like to go travelling. I've always wanted to but have been worried about what my parents would say about it, so I'm thinking of dropping massive hints until I have the money to go. Seeing as I will hopefully have a teaching job in September I don't mean travel for years, more just six weeks holidays sort of travelling. 

Here's a little list of where I'd love to visit and why.

So this one is a bit nearer to home for me seeing as I live in the UK. A lot of people are under the impression that Amsterdam is just about drugs and the red light district, and I feel that whenever someone mentions that they want to visit Amsterdam they get funny looks. Amsterdam for me is beautiful rivers, artwork and bright colours.


I still cannot get over the fact that the Northern Lights exist. And in Europe. The concept is so amazing and the colours just look exquisite. This is definitely on my bucket list to see. You know what's sad? When you type in Iceland in google, the supermarket comes up before the country!


So now we're getting way further away and a lot more expensive! But Tokyo or Hong Kong have definitely been on my bucket list for a while now, and I've settled on Tokyo just because everything I've heard and all the pictures are breathtaking. I'm a real city lover so Tokyo just appeals to me so much. 


What travel list is complete without Thailand? The water is turquoise, everyone is chilled out, the animals, the views!? For me, Australia has never been a really big deal - it's Thailand all the way. My Auntie, Uncle and cousins have been there numerous times and have said it's their favourite country in the world.


My cousin decided to go travelling round India and we all thought she was crazy. I think it's been given a really bad impression by some as a few areas can be a little dangerous and of course the famous Dehli belly, which could definitely ruin your time there - and my cousin can definitely agree with this! Apart from coming back feeling a little under the weather my cousin came back with stories of how each place you would go would be entirely different. There's even snow and mountains in some parts of India which I had no idea about.


If Hawaii was a person, it would be Kylie Jenner. Have you ever seen a bad picture of Kylie Jenner? Well this is Hawaii. Just how beautiful is it?! Palm trees, white sand, blue sea, hammocks - the ultimate beach holiday in my opinion. I can't imagine you can come back from Hawaii stressed out. 

New York

New. York. City. I just don't know what to say about it. It's like London, one of my most favourite places, but the buildings are taller, the weather is warmer, the food is bigger, haha! One day, one day.

(All images from from google images). 

What's on your travel list?
cottonandcandie x

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Bourjois rouge edition velvet in 07: Nude-ist

I'm loving a nude lip at the moment, and hence the name "Nude-ist", I chose this.
I don't usually go for a liquid lipstick because they remind me too much of a gloss which I've never really been into. They're sticky, I'm not into the shiny look and when the wind blows your hair sticks to it no end.
However, as this was deemed a matte liquid lipstick I thought I'd give it  a go.
 I have to say I bought this as the same time as I bought Mac twig, so I neglected this a lot. But digging this out again I've realised I really didn't give it credit where it's due.

It is still quite glossy and so it's nice and moisturising but if you want a matte finish you definitely need to blot it. 

In my opinion this isn't really a nude like the name suggests it should be, but I do really like the warm pink shade. The applicator is really easy to use and the formula is so smooth on the lips.

This stuff just doesn't come off. Even really scrubbing with a make up wipe (not that you should do this, whoops) it will still remain in the morning. 

For me, I've always held the opinion that Bourjois is quite a high end drugstore brand, one of which I've always loved the packaging and the rouge edition velvet is no exception. The simplicity of the bottle and the fact that it's glass really appeals to me.

Since I purchased this quite a while ago a lot more shades have been released, I definitely want to try peach club, ping pong and grand cru!
Shades 1-8, left to right.

Bourjois rouge edition velvet is available to purchase at 9 pounds from Boots. 
Which shade is your favourite?
cottonandcandie x

Friday, 10 April 2015

Return of the white jeans

Anndd the white jeans are out! Granted this isn't the most summery (or spring-ey?) outfit but they're out!

So I dusted off my white Topshop joni jeans and put them with this long sleeved ribbed burnt orange crop top, which is also from Topshop. I adore this, mainly because it can be put with so many different things. I wore it with my very loud baggy shirt from Brick lane (here's another outfit post with this shirt) as the colours just went so well together, and it meant that my bit of midriff could be covered if it got cold. 
The 3 in 1 necklace is also from Topshop and I love the boho vibes with this. 
I put on my Primark Timberland lookie likie boots and was ready to hit Kingston town to do a serious bit of window shopping -
~waiting for payday~

What do you think of this look?
cottonandcandie x

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

101 blogpost ideas

I find myself forever looking for and saving posts about blogpost ideas. I can't say I write a wide range of different posts but creating this list has opened my eyes to the sort of different posts I could play around with for when I have little inspiration. Enjoy!

  1. Bucketlist
  2. Weekly/monthly favourites
  3. Review of an event you have been to
  4. How you do your brows
  5. Your fashion inspiration
  6. Things to do this weekend
  7. Where you would like to be in five years time
  8. What's in your bag?
  9. Get ready with me 
  10. What you have learnt about blogging so far
  11. Current wishlist
  12. Bloggers I love
  13. List of places you want to visit
  14. Guilty pleasures
  15. My week in photos
  16. Current daily make up
  17. Update of what's going on in your life
  18. How you keep organised with blogging
  19. Make up brushes you use
  20. Your go-to lipstick
  21. Home decor inspiration
  22. Day to night make up
  23. Your top 10 accessories
  24. What you keep by your bedside
  25. Facts about you
  26. One item 3 ways to wear
  27. Monthly moodboard
  28. Dupes
  29. Your bedroom decor details
  30. Experimental make up
  31. Seasonal edit: transitional outfits
  32. Workout routine
  33. How to survive...
  34. Your favourite blogging apps
  35. Shoe collection
  36. Your week in pictures
  37. What you love about Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter
  38. Essentials post
  39. Favourite quotes
  40. Advice to give your teenage self
  41. Brand focus
  42. Wishlist - all time, if money wasn't an object
  43. What camera you use
  44. Advice to give new bloggers
  45. Your hair routine
  46. Empties 
  47. What you did on the weekend
  48. Book/film review
  49. OOTD
  50. Your top 5 hairstyles
  51. Everyday jewellery
  52. Morning routine
  53. What has made you happy recently
  54. Favourite skincare products 
  55. How your style has changed over the years
  56. Your daily perfume
  57. Hoard post
  58. Disappointing products
  59. Advice post
  60. Your best beauty tips
  61. Night time routine
  62. A personal "get to know me" post
  63. Recommending an unknown brand or product
  64. How to...
  65. Product review
  66. Your favourite base
  67. What your hopes are for the month ahead
  68. FAQs
  69. Rant
  70. Beginner's guide to..
  71. Your biggest fashion inspirations
  72. What's in my make up bag
  73. Products you won't regret buying
  74. Splurge or save
  75. How long you should keep your make up for
  76. What your work space looks like 
  77. Pinterest DIY 
  78. Things to do where you live
  79. What you do to relax
  80. Your blogging tools
  81. How you organise your make up/clothes
  82. Fashion inspiration photos
  83. Blogging routine
  84. Studying tips
  85. Giveaway
  86. Childhood memories
  87. Current playlist
  88. What your family/friends think of you blogging
  89. Bad habits
  90. Your favourite pictures
  91. Favourite things to do
  92. Best place you have been to
  93. Review of a restaurant
  94. Tips on how you stay healthy
  95. Favourite instagram accounts
  96. Nail polish collection
  97. Resolutions
  98. Guest post
  99. An updated version of your most popular post
  100. Youtubers you love
  101. Blogpost ideas post ;)
cottonandcandie x

Monday, 6 April 2015

Current day to day make up

This is my current make up mess, a real mixture of brands including drugstore and high end at the moment.

Firstly, my base. I start by applying concealer to my under eye area, now this really is a drugstore product! Natural collection in the lightest shade, I tried on so many when I was in Boots and the one which came out top for me at the time was this one, I was so surprised! It's nearly up and I'm looking for a Benefit one next.

Next I use my Real Techniques expert face brush to apply No7's Beautifully Matte in Calico, I haven't changed my foundation in ages because it just matches my skin tone so well. I can't recommend No7's match perfect foundation service or the expert face brush enough. - A match made in heaven!

The Body Shop's honey bronzer in 02 is what I apply next using my Real Techniques powder brush. I apply this all over my face for a healthy glow and then use my contouring brush to add a little extra bronzer under my cheekbones.

I use Topshop's Glow highlighter in polish and dab it along the highest point of my cheekbone with my fingers and blend upwards.

Finally, I use my contouring brush again to press Topshop's coral toned pink blush called Let her go onto the apples of my cheeks.

Brows and eyes, all about the brows and eyes.
Firstly I use a spoolie brush to brush my brows into place before using Nars' angled eyeliner brush and a mixture of Nars' shadow in blondie and bali to fill in my brows. I use both as blondie is a bit too light and bali is a bit too dark so both together work well.

For my eyes I use Rimmel's gel liner and the little brush that comes with it to line my my eyes. Finally I use Bourjois' volume clubbing mascara in ultra black for my lashes - you might remember this from a post of mine in January where I picked my favourite five mascaras from a review of 100.

What's in your current make up?
cottonandcandie x