Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Spring edit.

I've never really been that into spring. I don't like those inbetweeny stages where you can't quite wear all your dark colours anymore but you also can't wear shorts and a t shirt (not that you can usually in England!) To get myself in the spirit I've created a spring fashion inspiration board and wishlist to get myself out of the rut of Winter clothes. 

My spring wardrobe wishlist:

Pastel coloured cardigan/blazer I'm a one for wearing a new pretty bright top and then completely dulling it down by pairing it with a black cardigan. To get my wardrobe in the mood for spring I'll swap my usual black cardigan for a pastel coloured cardigan to really brighten up my outfits. 

Floral trousers I've got a lot of patterned leggings, what I don't have is trousers. Leggings just instantly makes me feel like I'm in sunday clothes so getting a sturdy pair of trousers with a bright floral print will be the change I need. 

Pointed flats One of my wardrobe staples is black flats and I wear them allll the time. I've always been on the lookout for a mint green or pink pair but have yet to find any, hopefully the start of the warmer weather I'll see some in the shops! 

Kimono I have a dark floral kimono, see here but not really a spring/summer look one, so wearing my regular kimono can make my outfit look a lot darker than intended. My switch to spring/summer will definitely be finding a pretty patterned or floral kimono - this could be quite tricky as I'm so picky with florals! 

I'm looking forward to getting my white joni's out, too! 

What are you adding to your wardrobe for spring?
cottonandcandie x


  1. I just bought a coral blouse and I'm hoping to get a pair of white jeans :3 !

  2. I love your edit! This spring I've added a Sleeveless White Duster Jacket to my wardrobe, a lot of high neck vests, scalloped tops and stripey tees :) xx


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