Tuesday, 17 February 2015

The (almost!) perfect lip tool

The real techniques retractable lip brush. This brush literally completely changes my lip game. In general, a lip brush can really help to keep your lipstick on for longer as you are almost pressing on the colour rather than just smoothing it onto the surface. Using a lipbrish also means that you can keep your lipsticks in the shape that they came in rather than them molding into a weird pointy or flat shape - I hate that! 

With the real techniques retractable lip brush I love how I can get such a precise line as the bristles are fairly stiff. It doesn't leave brush stroke marks and doesn't shed, which I've found with other lip brushes - so annoying when you ruin your lipstick trying to get a bristle off after you have perfectly coloured your lips! 

It's also retractable. Hold up, this is such a game changer. This means that instead of losing your favourite Mac lipstick on a night out (sob, Twig.) you can load up your lip brush with your lip colour, pop it in your bag and go. The pink casing can be pulled up to protect the bristles (picture 3) or you can put on the cap (picture 4). 

The only issue I have with this is that the cap does not "click" into place, meaning that it can fall off into your bag. I thought I had just picked up a broken one however researching into reviews of this brush it is a common flaw which is a real shame! The casing which you can pull up also slides too easily so you can't use that to cover the bristles very well either. 

This aside, I do love this as a lip brush, but it's best for applying your lipstick in the morning and not for carrying around loaded with lipstick unless you want a mess in your handbag!

Have you found any retractable lip brushes that you can actually use for on the go?
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