Friday, 13 February 2015

Lovers' lingerie

What Valentine's Day is complete without new underwear, right? Even as a single lady I thought I'd celebrate in style but if you are in a relationship, what better way to give them a treat as well as new underwear for yourself, everyone's a winner!

I found out about Urban bird clothing through Depop which for those of you who are not familiar it is a bit like ebay except there's no bidding as it were.. These handmade pieces are absolutely exquisite, Molly is so talented! I bought the Selene bralet with matching thong, alternatively there's matching high-waisted briefs.The material is black dotted mesh which is semi sheer so it doesn't show it leaves a teenie bit to the imagination still and has elastic detailing which I am loving at the moment!

Altogether the set cost 31 pounds which for such a beautiful hand made matching pair of underwear I think this is not bad at all! It also fits like a dream as she makes the set especially for you with the sizing you provide her with. Folly mollykempster on depop for the Selene set and more gorgeous pieces! 

cottonandcandie x


  1. What a beautiful piece! I definitely think it's worth the money, considering its handmade as well. So lovely! x

    The Sunday Chapter

    1. Absolutely! I've worn it already - couldn't wait til Valentine's day! xx


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