Friday, 27 February 2015

You don't scrub up too badly! The Kiss: Lush.

I am embarrassed to say that this is my very first Lush purchase! I know, what took me so long?!
I always thought Lush was simply bath stuff, and as I'm more of a shower kinda girl, I never thought Lush was for me. But the other day the heavenly smelling shop lured me in and I spent a good half an hour umming and ahhing about what to buy.

The lip scrub was something that was instantly in my basket. I always have dry lips no matter how much I slather my lips in vaseline and I seemed to be covering my lips rather than treating them. I chose this one as it was so eye catching and smells just amazing - like lovehearts! I love the little hundreds and thousands and little hearts in the product too, so cute! 

Apply this straight to dry lips with your finger and smooth the product all over your lips. Work the little grains into your lips for a smooth finish which helps to keep your lipstick stay put and your pout plump and soft. There's no need to wash the scrub off but licking off is permitted - it tastes goood.

Ingredients include fairtrade organic cocoa butter and almond essential oil which help to soften and condition your lips as well as sea salt and caster sugar (for a sweet taste!) for exfoliating. The Kiss also has Sicilian mandarin oil for it's refreshing and uplifting properties. Of course all products are vegan friendly, hand made and are not tested on animals.

I love this little tub of goodness and have been carrying it around everywhere I go. It's almost replaced my trusty vaseline tin! The only bit of a moan that I have to have is that the hundreds and thousands are pretty, but not all over your mush. A mirror is definitely needed to make sure it doesn't look like you've had a fight with an icecream! However there are other lip scrubs out there from Lush and this being a Valentine's themed one would be why there are the edible hearts and hundreds and thousands in it. 

What's your favourite lush lip scrub?
cottonandcandie x

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

High waisted, high necked.

I finally got round to doing an outfit post! And the crowd goes wiiild! 
Maybe this is why I look so happy in all my photos here?

Anyway, I haven't bought much recently but the two things I have bought I'm wearing in these pictures. The first one is the necklace, this is all in one and I love it. I wasn't so sure of it at first as I thought it looked a bit too much but now I cannot stop wearing it. The second is this high necked shirt from Urban outfitters. I'm wearing this a lot as I can wear it to placement as it's high necked as well as on the weekends. I love the colour and the fact that it has a high neckline as it gives you a chance to wear a nice necklace or a pretty scarf with it.

I paired these with my good old black high waisted jeans from New look which have definitely seen better days, I'm pretty much waiting for them to rip so I can buy some Topshop Joni's! 

Of course I had to wear this outfit with my chunky black boots and my cape. These are two staples in my wardrobe at the moment, especially the boots as they have such good tread on them for walking in the snow and rain. 

I also blended the shades Urban decay's electric palette: Fringe with Urban decay's original Naked palette: Creep to create a similar shade to the shirt I'm wearing and swept Buck from the original Naked palette across my tear duct and across towards the centre of my eyelid.

Urban outfitters high necked top
Topshop necklace
New look high waisted jeans
New look cape
Primark chunky boots
Next handbag

What have you been wearing recently?
cottonandcandie x

Monday, 23 February 2015

Monday cheer up: photos to get you through the day.

I did a Monday cheer up a few weeks ago with a collection of funny Valentine's cards, you can see it here. I really enjoyed doing it and it actually helped me to get through the day. I'm planning to do a post like this every Monday of cute, funny or inspiring photos to make Monday a little easier, so here's this weeks! 

Let me know if you're liking these posts!
cottonandcandie x

Saturday, 21 February 2015

My now not so secret guilty pleasures of the moment

We all have our guilty pleasures but some are way more guilty than others. It makes me laugh when a real gym bunnie says "Ooh, I have carbs at weekends - such a guilty pleasure!" A food orientated guilty pleasure for me is eating Betty Crocker's chocolate frosting out the tub with a spoon (I actually used to do this, I got so fat in first year of uni haha!)

My guilty pleasures of the moment are 

Going for a nap as soon as I get home from placement - is it six pm? Yep. Am I missing out on a nap? Oh no.

Not wearing a bra - is there a better feeling? And seeing as it's firmly jumper weather, no on will ever know!

Listening to absolute dirty rap music - I love rap music, maybe too much. And I would be lying if I said I didn't sing along at half six in the morning before I go to placement.  

Wearing ridiculous long bed socks all the time - They're red, they have sequins on, and they have pom poms, they come up to my knees, and I love them.

Singing  Performing in my car - I don't just sing. I dance, I use my steering wheel as drums, I scream at the top of my lungs. Yeah I get caught, I just don't care.

What are your guilty pleasures?
cottonandcandie x

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Topshop wishlist: moving into Spring.

As we're slowly moving from Winter to Spring (very slowly I may add - it's still freezing!) it can only mean one thing. No I'm not talking about daffodils I'm talking about new clothes, hah! 

These are my recent picks from Topshop, as you can tell I am loving khaki green, mustard yellow and ecru - which is one of the newest colours of my beloved Joni jeans. 

I'm sort of thinking tailored yet feminine military wear for this wishlist, so ripped jeans yet a cute mini satchel to go with it. Oh gosh I wish I had the money for all of this.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

The (almost!) perfect lip tool

The real techniques retractable lip brush. This brush literally completely changes my lip game. In general, a lip brush can really help to keep your lipstick on for longer as you are almost pressing on the colour rather than just smoothing it onto the surface. Using a lipbrish also means that you can keep your lipsticks in the shape that they came in rather than them molding into a weird pointy or flat shape - I hate that! 

With the real techniques retractable lip brush I love how I can get such a precise line as the bristles are fairly stiff. It doesn't leave brush stroke marks and doesn't shed, which I've found with other lip brushes - so annoying when you ruin your lipstick trying to get a bristle off after you have perfectly coloured your lips! 

It's also retractable. Hold up, this is such a game changer. This means that instead of losing your favourite Mac lipstick on a night out (sob, Twig.) you can load up your lip brush with your lip colour, pop it in your bag and go. The pink casing can be pulled up to protect the bristles (picture 3) or you can put on the cap (picture 4). 

The only issue I have with this is that the cap does not "click" into place, meaning that it can fall off into your bag. I thought I had just picked up a broken one however researching into reviews of this brush it is a common flaw which is a real shame! The casing which you can pull up also slides too easily so you can't use that to cover the bristles very well either. 

This aside, I do love this as a lip brush, but it's best for applying your lipstick in the morning and not for carrying around loaded with lipstick unless you want a mess in your handbag!

Have you found any retractable lip brushes that you can actually use for on the go?
cottonandcandie x

Sunday, 15 February 2015

What should be on your to do list this HALF TERM!

As a trainee teacher on placement I now have a whole week to be freee! Seeing as a lot of you reading this may have a week off from University or college I thought I'd share a few ideas of mine about what to spend your week doing!

1. Try a pinterest DIY. How often do you look, screenshot and promise yourself you will do something you've looked at on pinterest? Well now is the time to do it. For my birthday I made these Glow stick jars and I was so pleased I made them, they looked so cute!

2. Write a list of places you want to go. Living in London there are so many places to visit, most of them completely free! You could write a list with your partner or on your own, mine includes the V&A museum, Shoreditch and a bar in Putney called Toy Shop which makes the coolest cocktails!

3. Do some yoga. Last year I did half an hour of yoga every night after placement before bed and I felt so much better for it. I got to sleep easier, I was more relaxed, and a lot more flexible! Put on some comfy clothes, if you don't have a yoga mat just go into a carpeted room and stick a yoga session on youtube, there's hundreds to choose from and you can be specific about what area of the body you want to work on.

4. Search for new music. I love finding new artists or tracks that I haven't heard of before. Have a look on Spotify or use to search for artists you like and it will recommend music which is similar. I find that new music on my ipod definitely gets me more motivated to go to the gym as well! 

5.  Find a photobooth. What ever happened to these? I don't know why they've disappeared so much but I don't like it one bit! The other day I went to Urban Outfitters in Oxford Street and found one and it reminded me of how fun they are! No pictures are printed out nowadays which is a shame, so going to a photobooth, having some fun and sticking them up on your wall I think is a perfect way to make some memories. 

What will you be doing this weekend?
cottonandcandie x

Friday, 13 February 2015

Lovers' lingerie

What Valentine's Day is complete without new underwear, right? Even as a single lady I thought I'd celebrate in style but if you are in a relationship, what better way to give them a treat as well as new underwear for yourself, everyone's a winner!

I found out about Urban bird clothing through Depop which for those of you who are not familiar it is a bit like ebay except there's no bidding as it were.. These handmade pieces are absolutely exquisite, Molly is so talented! I bought the Selene bralet with matching thong, alternatively there's matching high-waisted briefs.The material is black dotted mesh which is semi sheer so it doesn't show it leaves a teenie bit to the imagination still and has elastic detailing which I am loving at the moment!

Altogether the set cost 31 pounds which for such a beautiful hand made matching pair of underwear I think this is not bad at all! It also fits like a dream as she makes the set especially for you with the sizing you provide her with. Folly mollykempster on depop for the Selene set and more gorgeous pieces! 

cottonandcandie x

Monday, 9 February 2015

Monday cheer up: V day themed.

Here's a quick Valentine's themed Monday cheer up, I much prefer the funny cards to the soppy ones. These are all from scribbler in case you were wondering. 

Only four days til the weekend! ;) 

cottonandcandie x

Thursday, 5 February 2015

My go-to everyday lipstick

Is it a surprise that my go-to lipstick is a Mac one?
No, probably not.

This is my everyday lipstick that I just cannot get enough of. In fact, I lost my first Mac Twig on a night out and couldn't survive a week without going out to buy another one, it's just that good. 

Mac Twig is a brown toned nude in a satin finish - so fairly matte without being too drying, so it has a little more moisture and a touch more shine. Satin is perfect for me as a girl who loves mattes but who suffers with terribly dry lips!
This seems to be a shade which looks different on everyone but which always looks good.. The colour on me isn't too different from my natural lip colour but just adds a little more warmth for that is she isn't she? (wearing lipstick) kinda vibe. It's also very natural looking, so you can do lips and eyes at the same time without looking overdone, yay!

What's your everyday lipstick?
cottonandcandie x