Thursday, 29 January 2015

Winter warmers

At this time of year, scarves are my life. 
I neglect them a lot in Summer and definitely don't have enough pretty, floaty scarves for when the weather is a bit warmer, but right now, thick, woollen scarves are what is getting me through these freezing cold days.

I find that in Winter my outfits tend to be more about warmth, so it usually ends up being a jumper and jeans, which can get a little boring.. BUT, with the power of scarves I've been transforming my Winter wardrobe to make my day to day clothes a little more interesting.

Here are my three favourite scarves at the moment.

First up is the blanket scarf from New look, or blarf or sklanket as I refer to it as. I love that you can roll this up to be a scarf or stretch it right out so that it can really cover your shoulders to keep you warm. Who doesn't want to be secretly wearing a blanket in lectures?! It's also reversible which I love, although I definitely prefer the tartan side. There are a number of these on sale at the moment and in New look they pretty much all have two different patterns so they're totally versatile.

Next up is the oh-so-glamorous fur scarf from Boohoo. I've had so many compliments off this as the texture just looks so beautiful! I love how you can wear this with a simple jacket or cardigan to make it look like a fur trim on what you're wearing, it's also seriously warm!

Lastly is this cape which is also from New look like the blanket scarf. I love this so much, in fact me and my sister both picked it up at the same time, fought over it, both bought it, and have been wearing it to death ever since. My only problem is that being a bit on the wee side means that it really is long on me, it's a shame it's one size fits all but I just loved the style and pattern so much I just had to buy it! 

Are you as obsessed with scarves as I am?!
cottonandcandie x


  1. adore the blanket scarf, i still haven't found the perfect one!

    xx danielle // shades of danielle // bloglovin

    1. New look do quite a few, have a look in there! :) xx


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