Saturday, 31 January 2015

The good habits

So there's good and bad habits in all of us, mine is spending wayyy too much on make up and not having much money for the rest of the month whereas my sister's is picking her nose (let's hope she never finds my blog).

We're always focussing on the negative it seems so I've thought of some good habits to get into that you can add into your lifestyle. 

Saving 2 pound coins

It's not often you come across a 2 pound coin, so it's fairly easy to save them compared to your regular pound - if I did that I'd have no money left! I save all these into my cute little piggy bank and then when I feel it getting heavy I empty it out and buy something I've been lusting after. Shoes, a new lipstick (there's my bad habit again), whatever I'm really wanting at the time. This makes me feel like I've really earned it because I've saved and waited for the thing I may have wanted most, it's also helpful for budgeting money so you can buy things that you actually need. This is me admitting that sadly food does come before my lipstick want of the moment: Mac Sin. 

Carrying around a bottle of water with you

Loads of us don't drink enough water and this can be the main cause of headaches and just generally feeling a bit run down. Putting a water bottle somewhere where you know you'll see it, at the moment I'm on placement so mine's on my teachers desk so I remember to rehydrate. I'm one of those lucky girls that rarely gets spots (touch wood!!) and I'm sure its down to really flushing my body through with water every day!


I can hear you groan already. Yes it is so so boring moisturising your entire body but honestly this is one of those times when my Mum really did know best. I used to get these little spots on my legs, they almost looked like pores or some form of shaving rash; I fought with my Mum about moisturising everyday for sooo long until I gave in and I can safely say that that was at least ten years ago and my skin has never looked better. 


Ladies I can't recommend squats enough. I do 15 sumo squats (wide stance, feet pointing outwards) a day, holding each one til it burns baby burns. That's it, it takes two minutes of your day and I have had so many comments on my legs since I started doing them last year. Any kind of squats will be beneficial but I choose sumo because it gets your inner thighs as well as your bootayyy. 

Do you have any good (or bad!) habits?
cottonandcandie x  

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