Thursday, 1 January 2015

The five best mascaras

One lovely lady (Bridget from Cosmopolitan magazine, to be exact) did what no lady has done before (or at least I don't think!) She tested 100 mascaras and took photos of each and every one, making it so easy to compare for ladies like us that don't have the time or money to test 100 mascaras!

Looking through all of her 100 photos of each mascara I picked out my top five faves:

1 - Bobbi Brown perfectly defined mascara
This looks entirely unclumpy, lengthening and I love the smooth curve that it gives the lashes.

2 - Urban Decay big fatty mascara

Loads of volume with this one and ultra black in colour.

3 - Mac extended play lash mascara

I love the shape this one gives the eye, the lashes all seem to have been extended to the same length with a nice soft curve.

4 -Rimmel scandal eyes flex mascara

So much separation with this one to give you the impression of oodles of lashes.

5 - Bourjois volume clubbing ultra black mascara

This one is my personal favourite and the one that was on my Christmas list. It has the lot - separation, length as well as curve and ultra black - hence the name.

Here's it on my eyes, excuse my work uniform!

Here's my top five from the list of one hundred, you can pick your faves from the article, here.
Have you tried any of my top five? 

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