Saturday, 31 January 2015

The good habits

So there's good and bad habits in all of us, mine is spending wayyy too much on make up and not having much money for the rest of the month whereas my sister's is picking her nose (let's hope she never finds my blog).

We're always focussing on the negative it seems so I've thought of some good habits to get into that you can add into your lifestyle. 

Saving 2 pound coins

It's not often you come across a 2 pound coin, so it's fairly easy to save them compared to your regular pound - if I did that I'd have no money left! I save all these into my cute little piggy bank and then when I feel it getting heavy I empty it out and buy something I've been lusting after. Shoes, a new lipstick (there's my bad habit again), whatever I'm really wanting at the time. This makes me feel like I've really earned it because I've saved and waited for the thing I may have wanted most, it's also helpful for budgeting money so you can buy things that you actually need. This is me admitting that sadly food does come before my lipstick want of the moment: Mac Sin. 

Carrying around a bottle of water with you

Loads of us don't drink enough water and this can be the main cause of headaches and just generally feeling a bit run down. Putting a water bottle somewhere where you know you'll see it, at the moment I'm on placement so mine's on my teachers desk so I remember to rehydrate. I'm one of those lucky girls that rarely gets spots (touch wood!!) and I'm sure its down to really flushing my body through with water every day!


I can hear you groan already. Yes it is so so boring moisturising your entire body but honestly this is one of those times when my Mum really did know best. I used to get these little spots on my legs, they almost looked like pores or some form of shaving rash; I fought with my Mum about moisturising everyday for sooo long until I gave in and I can safely say that that was at least ten years ago and my skin has never looked better. 


Ladies I can't recommend squats enough. I do 15 sumo squats (wide stance, feet pointing outwards) a day, holding each one til it burns baby burns. That's it, it takes two minutes of your day and I have had so many comments on my legs since I started doing them last year. Any kind of squats will be beneficial but I choose sumo because it gets your inner thighs as well as your bootayyy. 

Do you have any good (or bad!) habits?
cottonandcandie x  

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Winter warmers

At this time of year, scarves are my life. 
I neglect them a lot in Summer and definitely don't have enough pretty, floaty scarves for when the weather is a bit warmer, but right now, thick, woollen scarves are what is getting me through these freezing cold days.

I find that in Winter my outfits tend to be more about warmth, so it usually ends up being a jumper and jeans, which can get a little boring.. BUT, with the power of scarves I've been transforming my Winter wardrobe to make my day to day clothes a little more interesting.

Here are my three favourite scarves at the moment.

First up is the blanket scarf from New look, or blarf or sklanket as I refer to it as. I love that you can roll this up to be a scarf or stretch it right out so that it can really cover your shoulders to keep you warm. Who doesn't want to be secretly wearing a blanket in lectures?! It's also reversible which I love, although I definitely prefer the tartan side. There are a number of these on sale at the moment and in New look they pretty much all have two different patterns so they're totally versatile.

Next up is the oh-so-glamorous fur scarf from Boohoo. I've had so many compliments off this as the texture just looks so beautiful! I love how you can wear this with a simple jacket or cardigan to make it look like a fur trim on what you're wearing, it's also seriously warm!

Lastly is this cape which is also from New look like the blanket scarf. I love this so much, in fact me and my sister both picked it up at the same time, fought over it, both bought it, and have been wearing it to death ever since. My only problem is that being a bit on the wee side means that it really is long on me, it's a shame it's one size fits all but I just loved the style and pattern so much I just had to buy it! 

Are you as obsessed with scarves as I am?!
cottonandcandie x

Friday, 23 January 2015

Urban Decay Electric Palette

(Slowburn and Revolt)
(Freak and Thrash)

This was the first thing on my Christmas list last year (wow it's weird saying that). The Urban Decay Electric Palette, electric is just the word. The palette contains ten eyeshadows: nine of the brightest colours you could wish for, and the tenth being a beautiful silver which I used under my bottom lash line in the second from last picture.

Revolt - a shimmery silver which can add a bit of glitz to any colour but also looks powerful on its own with some serious black eyeliner.

Gonzo - a deep, matte sky blue and as with all shades in this palette, a teenie bit of glitter.

Slowburn - (second from last photo) a real punchy orange, you definitely can't be shy with this one!

Savage - I'm not sure I have ever seen a brighter pink! I have such a fear of looking like I'm coming down with conjunctivitis when I wear pink shadow so maybe it'll have to be a fancy dress shadow.

Fringe - (third from last photo) now Fringe, Jilted, Urban and Freak all have a sort of velvety looking finish to them, they're so pretty! This is not your stereotypical girlie blue eyeshadow, it almost remind me of denim.

Chaos - I can't decide if there's a purple tone in this or not, either way it's a stunning colour. You can blend this one really lightly with your fingers and it looks really unusual and subtle - a word not often used with the Electric palette!

Jilted - again, that amazing velvety-like sheen with this one, it comes out a lot pinker than you'd expect which is disappointing so it's difficult to wear it on its own. However, pair it with Urban and it can be a really cool look.

Urban - I've yet to try this out on its own without it's neighbour, Jilted but I'm feeling this tomorrow. Purple is so underrated as an eyeshadow colour and looks so good as a base for an intense smoky eye.   

Freak - (last photo) my favourite. If you want to be Tinkerbell (I know I do) then this is just the one. Words can't describe my love for this shade, it's literally exquisite. 

Thrash - last but not least, thrash. It can come out looking a bit like a Kermit the frog green so adding Revolt with this can tone it down a bit. A really cool colour if worn right!

That shadow brush though. Perfect for applying a shade to your entire lid or using the smaller end for a precise line. I actually prefer this brush to my Urban Decay Naked brush, the liner style end is just ideal for building up a shadow around your lash line as the colour will only go where you want it to. 

If you're not sure if you can go quite this bright, try using your fingers to apply. You'll have a lot more control over how dark/bright the shadow will be and can blend it out until the colour is how you like it.

What was at the top of your Christmas list? What's your favourite shade?
cottonandcandie x

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Fashion and beauty trends I will never succumb to

We all look back through pictures of ourselves and thought what was I thinking?! But what are the fashion and beauty no nos that you just couldn't bring yourself to try? Here are mine.

Socks and sandals
I don't care if you think it looks cute or geek chic, you look like a Dad abroad.

Eye make up without mascara
So many girls did this when we got to high school. I just didn't get it!? Mascara and no eyeliner, fine, in fact I do it all the time. The other way round: nope. 
Ankle swingers
Okay, so I don't have this problem a lot 'cause of my height, but having that teenie bit too much ankle on show makes me shudder. Rolling up your jeans a bit and it actually being intentional  is fine in my books, but a slightly baggy calf grazer is not.

Okay so not exactly a trend but just a massive pet peeve of mine. Please ladies, check your butt before you leave the house!

Those trackie bottoms with "Juicy" emblazoned across your bum. I don't think I need to say more than that. 

Should only be for children under five years of age.
As much as I know they'd be so damn warm and comfy and can't get over the fact that they basically made outdoor slippers. I also hate when they end up looking like this ^^^
Have I missed any off? 
Also, I am on placement at the moment and am leaving before it is light outside and getting home after it is dark so outfit pictures are impossible right now, bear with me!
cottonandcandie x

Monday, 19 January 2015

How to beat your cold in under 24 hours

I've been struck down by the common cold and have been feeling absolutely rubbish. Through looking at tips and tricks on the Internet I've put together a how to beat your cold in under 24 hours guide!

 First up, I know you're feeling groggy but you need to get in that shower. Yes I know you're tired but a hot steamy shower first thing in the morning will not only wake you up but will also help to unblock your nose so you're less congested throughout the day. They say you feel worse in the morning so you really need to do all you can to perk yourself up!

Next, make sure you wrap up warm and thoroughly dry your hair, there's nothing worse than going outside and making yourself feel even worse cause you have damp hair when that's one way to get a cold in the first place! Scarves are your best friend if you have a sore throat, too.

When you're not in your room and won't be for a while, open the windows and shut the door to give it a good airing. If you're coughing and sneezing all night and then shutting the door you're pretty much leaving your room to incubate your cold. Do this while you're eating your breakfast and try putting your make up on in a different room so you can give your bedroom some time to circulate fresh air. Washing your sheets is a good idea too for the same reason.

Exercise. Some of you may have given up your exercise resolution already but it really is the best thing. If you don't fancy going out in the cold try some yoga or head to your local gym and see if you can work out that cold!

Eat a good hearty breakfast such as porridge with berries and orange juice. If you're not keen on porridge like me try muesli wit some fruit on top.

Gargle with salt water to help a sore throat. I know it's disgusting but we all know it works. Fill a cup with warm water and add half a teaspoon of salt, or a whole teaspoon if your cup is quite big, you won't need a lot though. I guess this goes without saying but do this after your breakfast!

Another thing which I found really helpful is putting your head over some hot water with a towel over your head. You'll be surprised how much you'll sweat and how clear your head and nose will feel afterwards, I added a few drops of albas oil to my water to really power the cold out.

Make sure to take a bottle of water or juice with you to school/uni/work, it's important for you to keep hydrated to keep headaches at bay. I've been taking orange juice with me to up mu Vitamin C intake which is said to be good for fending off a cold, too.

In terms of food, think protein and spice. I chose grilled piri piri chicken salad with lots of spinach. 

Now just before you tuck yourself into bed have a long warm bath. This will ease those aching muscles and may help relieve any tension or sinus headaches you may have due to the steam. 

Pop a few drops of albas oil on your pillow and drift off to sleep. Hopefully you'll feel better in the morning!

Have you got any tips or tricks for getting rid of a cold quick?
cottonandcandie x

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Let it glow

Santa left this little treat for me under the tree this year. This is Topshop's Glow highlighter in the shade Polish (there is also a darker shade called Gleam). It's a cute little pot with a silky smooth highlighter which you can apply and blend with your fingers to the top of your cheekbones, under your brows and wherever else you want in order to achieve that fresh faced shine.

Polish isn't glittery at all, thank god. I love a good highlighter but I don't want to be looking like Tinkerbell every day. I love the consistency and how easy it is to blend, but I have to say I was a little disappointed that unless you're in some serious lighting it doesn't show up very well. These photos were taken in natural light and I really put a lot of product on with not a lot to show for it. I'm intrigued to see what Gleam would look like on my ghostly pale skin and if going up to a warmer shade would give me the healthy glow I'm looking for.

What's your favourite highlighter at the moment? Have you tried Topshop's Glow?
cottonandcandie x

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Winter moodboard

These pictures pretty much sum up what comes to mind when I think of Winter and my most favourite things about this time of year. 

1 ~ I love that fluffy socks are allowed at pretty much all times, be they covered in sequins and pom poms or if they're furry sheep (my current footwear which I lurrrve).

2 ~ Dark lips and barely there make up on the rest of the face is one of my favourite things about Winter, although I am a fan of the flushed cheeks look like you've just come in from the cold. 

3 ~ I swear beds get so much prettier and comfier in Winter. So many pillows so many blankets and I love these pretty lights in this picture. 

4 ~ I've recently bought a load of really chunky long scarves and a cape which I'm rarely seen without now. Scarves seem to add a chic twist to any outfit and also feels like you're cosied up even outdoors. 

5 ~ Still waiting for pretty now scenes like this!

6 ~ I'm a real one for having my hair down and I love all of the topknot and plaited styles around at the moment there's so much to choose from and as most of your hair is still down it means your ears won't be as cold! 

All images from pinterest. 

What are your favourite things about Winter?
cottonandcandie x 

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

L'Oreal Paris: Pure Reds Collection, Blake.

From the No7 match made lipstick service, which I reviewed, here, comes the L'Oreal Paris collection of reds to suit all skin tones. There are four gorgeous shades of red all in a matte finish and all in this almost firm leathery packaging which I love. Being a fair skin and fair hair combo like Blake, I opted for her shade of ruby red.

This really is one of the first matte lipsticks which I've found to be not the slightest bit drying, L'Oreal boasts that lips feel more hydrated after use and I could not agree more. 

On to the gorgeous colour. I'm honestly not sure I need to buy another red since buying this. I love the shade with it's almost pinky tone! I'll be honest and say that I didn't actually discover this myself, but that I met my sister for her birthday and begged her to tell me what exact shade and brand she was wearing 'cause it looked so goood. I've also found that because it is matte it doesn't tend to print onto glasses, an amazing bonus meaning that you can wear your perfect red on a night out without leaving red rings on your drinks! 

Which shade do you think is your true red? Have you tried it yet?
cottonandcandie x

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Rock on Ruby slogan tee collection

I've recently discovered Rock on Ruby an online store which sell an amazing range of quirky slogan tees. These are a few of my favourites and it was hard to pick just a few! Their collections include quotes for celeb crushes, bloggers, gym lovers and more and they come in vests, tops, crop tops and jumpers.

I got my personal favourite for Christmas and have had so many comments on it!

Which ones are your favourite?
cottonandcandie x

Thursday, 1 January 2015

The five best mascaras

One lovely lady (Bridget from Cosmopolitan magazine, to be exact) did what no lady has done before (or at least I don't think!) She tested 100 mascaras and took photos of each and every one, making it so easy to compare for ladies like us that don't have the time or money to test 100 mascaras!

Looking through all of her 100 photos of each mascara I picked out my top five faves:

1 - Bobbi Brown perfectly defined mascara
This looks entirely unclumpy, lengthening and I love the smooth curve that it gives the lashes.

2 - Urban Decay big fatty mascara

Loads of volume with this one and ultra black in colour.

3 - Mac extended play lash mascara

I love the shape this one gives the eye, the lashes all seem to have been extended to the same length with a nice soft curve.

4 -Rimmel scandal eyes flex mascara

So much separation with this one to give you the impression of oodles of lashes.

5 - Bourjois volume clubbing ultra black mascara

This one is my personal favourite and the one that was on my Christmas list. It has the lot - separation, length as well as curve and ultra black - hence the name.

Here's it on my eyes, excuse my work uniform!

Here's my top five from the list of one hundred, you can pick your faves from the article, here.
Have you tried any of my top five? 

cottonandcandie x