Tuesday, 30 December 2014

The positive New Year's resolutions

I read somewhere: why stop doing something you love when you can add something to your life instead? The standard New Year's resolutions are usually to lose weight, go to the gym or to start saving money. If you really believed that your aim was crucial then let's be honest, you would have started doing it by now rather than waiting for January! Instead of these resolutions which are hard to keep because you damn right don't like eating lettuce or not buying that lipstick that you really want, try a New year's resolution with a difference.

Here are my favourites which I have found browsing around the internet:

Travel more - The next time someone suggests a road trip to the other side of England (or the world!), take them up on it. I truly believe that we weren't meant to live in one single town for the whole of our lives.

Listen to your favourite music more - When I do listen to my iPod it's usually when I'm putting on my make up, and when I do it really puts me in a good mood for a while. Sometimes you just need a good singing sesh to brighten your day.

Dress more like my style - This one I love. Whatever job you have usually has some form of dress code which you have to stick by, which means weekends are usually lazy clothes days. I'm not saying turn up in inappropriate clothes to work, but feeling comfortable in what you're wearing on an off day or adding a little twist to your regular work clothes can make you feel more you. 

Validate people in your life more - I remember my Mum felt sad once and I went out and bought her three pairs of pretty pants from New look and she almost cried. Proving that you're thinking of someone and that you're not taking them for granted can really strengthen the relationship, and it's such a nice feeling making someone else smile, isn't it?

Be more adventurous/take chances - There's always these adverts about which are like "say yes more!" but honestly, that's pretty much it. Taking yourself a little out of your comfort zone by saying yes when invited places or going to a class on your own or can open you to some really cool experiences and the chance to meet new people. 

Stop worrying what other people think of you - This is so important. Difficult, but important. As long as you love yourself and surround yourself with people that love you for who you are, does it matter what others think? And if you come out of your room wearing something which your family or friends think is totally weird (often for me), but you like it, don't change. If you like it and feel comfortable and happy then that is all that matters.

My personal ones are to plan more things in advance with people, concerts, days out etc. and to have the confidence to talk to new people, whether it's introducing myself to a newbie at work or telling someone who's stood next to me at a bar that I like their shirt. 

Do you have a positive New Year's resolution?
cottonandcandie x

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