Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Where you're going wrong with cleaning your make up brushes.

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Waking up and realising you really should clean your make up brushes today can put a real downer on your day, but what's worse than that is cleaning your brushes and not realising the damage you're doing to them. Here are a few don'ts (and do's!).

Don't wash with hot water. This can damage the bristles and may mean that the adhesive wears off so your brush could shed. Wash with lukewarm water instead.

Don't put the barrel of the brush (where the bristles meet the brush handle) under the water. This can again, damage the adhesive and can lead to shedding. To avoid getting the barrel wet, try cupping water in your hand and swirling the brush in that or using a shallow bowl full of water.

Don't use washing up liquid. In fact, anything you wouldn't use to wash your face, don't use on your brushes - makes sense right? After rinsing my brush with water I use Simple soap and swirl my brush in it until it makes a good lather and then rinse out. 

Don't leave your brushes to drain upright. This can damage the handle.

Don't leave your brushes to drain on a towel, this can cause mildew!

Do leave your brushes to drain off of a counter so that the bristles are exposed to the air and are not in contact with a surface.

Do wash your foundation and concealer brushes once a week.

Do wash your bronzer, blusher and powder brushes once a fortnight.

Do wash your eyeshadow and brow brushes once or twice a month. 

Were any of these a surprise to you?
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