Friday, 14 November 2014

What's in my bag?

Having a little peek inside someone's bag can tell you a lot about someone. It allows you to recognise what that person cannot go a single day without. For example before cleaning out my bag you could tell that I am someone who has an unhealthy chocolate addiction and a never-ending cold.

Firstly, my bag is a Next one by a brand called Dixie Rose. It's a really pretty quilted black bag with a nice big buckle at the front. If you look closely at it it really is a worn out bag, but I haven't yet found a replacement, I love it too much!

So, the things I cannot go a day without. Emptying out my bag I was not surprised to see seven different lipsticks and balms in there. Lips are my thing. I have too many lipsticks to count and when I'm not wearing lipstick I will be wearing a lip balm, I'm loving my cocoa butter Vaseline one at the moment. From memory I think the lipsticks are Kate Moss 107, a deep pink which is my all time favourite shade, Mac Viva Glam II a bright retro matte red, a more subtle pink from Maybelline and Kate Moss 111 another bright red. I pretty much have lipsticks for whatever I could be wearing at the time. 

These photos were taken a while ago and my pretty tortoiseshell Topshop sunglasses have now been swapped in favour of an umbrella, sadly. 

My tangle teaser like most girls goes everywhere with me. I've only recently hopped on the tangle teaser band wagon but I can safely tell you I'm never coming off. Even my boyfriend thinks it's amazing. I have the standard sized green one as my bag is fairly big and because green is my favourite colour. 

A pen. Just the one. I am the definition of the typical student. Occasionally there will also be a notepad in their as well, joking. 

A cute little compact mirror which my friend got me which is so tiny and slim that it takes up next to no room and you never know when you may need it!

My keys. And this is just my door key for my flat at uni. I have this many keyrings because they're so heavy that I always know that they're definitely in my bag. And the owl is dead cute. 

Where would a girl be without at least 47 kirby grips in her bag?

My ipod, mainly used at the gym because my walk to uni isn't that long at all and if I kept it anywhere else I would definitely lose it. 

An entirely real Michael Kors purse which is bright orange which I love. Staple pieces like coats and bags for me have to be dark but purses, gloves, hats, they have to be bright. I've actually had loads of compliments off of this as well!

The weird little contraption in the bottom left is a lipstick holder. You can get them from the little quaint Chinese shops or off of ebay or amazon. They fit most size lipsticks and have a little mirror when you unclip it so you can apply on the go. I know, why haven't you bought one yet?

What's in your bag? Is there anything you think I'm missing out on? 

cottonandcandie x


  1. I love the what's in my bag videos/posts. I guess I'm kind of nosy like that! lol. They are just so interesting!


  2. I can't go anywhere without my tangle teezer either, deffo one of the best inventions ever!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty Blog

    1. I completely agree! So good for damaged hair. xx


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