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What I've learnt about beauty, blogging and fashion so far.

I started up cottonandcandie in July so I really haven't been blogging that long, but finding bloggers and reading what they have to say has been a real eye-opener; so much so that I thought I'd share with you what I have learnt so far about beauty, blogging and fashion. 


Price isn't everything
In terms of all things beauty I've definitely learnt that the price isn't everything. Often you can find almost a perfect match dupe of a product by Estee Lauder for example and they'll have something similar in, say, Topshop. Look around shops for a similar product before you commit to a hefty price tag or different blogs that specialise in dupes or bargain buys. I'm definitely happy to admit that my favourite blusher is a Natural Collection one!

A make up bag must have
Recently I've been made more and more aware of how important an eyelash curler is as a staple in your make up bag. I had a pair of No7 curlers which I barely used and reading through blogs urging everyone to get some meant I dug mine out again. Now I really notice the difference when I'm rushed in the morning and don't use them. I've also read that once your eyelashes are in the curler you should physically raise your arm to 90 degrees, as this gives your lashes more lift.

Eyes or lips
Who made this rule? Why can't we do both? Just because you're wearing a subtle pink on your lips does that mean we should wear next to no eye make up? Can we wear both eyes and lips if it's our birthday? Recently I've been rocking eyes and lips. Yes I may have a smokey bronze eye going on but I'm also going for a coral lip too. You should be the one to decide how much is too much.


 Don't set yourself up for failure
Most bloggers which give advice to newbie bloggers stress that you should write every single day and scare people into thinking that if not, your blog will get nowhere. This absolutely isn't true. What they should change this statement to is "Blog as often as you can". Emphasis being on you. Your blog needs to fit in with your lifestyle. There's no point in feeling that you have to write, because then you won't enjoy it. I started my blog in Summer, so yes I could definitely blog everyday. But with my course I knew that come September I wouldn't be able to anymore so I started from the beginning by blogging every three days and now I have built it up so that I have scheduled posts all the way until October (I'm writing this on 22/09/14).
Don't let blogging become a chore!

Dream big
Remember that we all start out somewhere. I remember my excitement of my very first follower and today I got the little bloglovin notification that I now have 40. You may be reading this and have hundreds or thousands! But for me, I'm over the moon that 40 people didn't just click off of my page. 
Everyone started out as a blogging newbie and you should not be envious of those who have thousands of followers. They have put so much hard work into it! With that in mind, dream big. Get yourself a blogging email address, instagram, whatever social media platforms you enjoy, you don't even need to use them right now. Just have them there because one day you may wish you had them so make sure you get the username you want!

Blog about what you love
Blogging will never be boring if you are blogging about what you love. It may be tricky at first, I certainly didn't love describing lipstick colour when I had no idea what undertones it had but the point is I love lipstick, so you learn about undertones and finishes so you can blog about what you love. Also remember that just because you went to a spinning class once and loved it, if your blog isn't about fitness and you don't want to direct it in that way then choose not to blog about it. Otherwise you may attract readers that may then not enjoy your more conventional posts. - I've wanted to blog about yoga and food more than once!


Jeans should be washed inside out
There's no big explanation for this one, basically if you don't wash jeans inside out then that's what makes them get those weird white streaks down them, particularly black or dark blue denim. Same with logo tees, they won't peel or fade as easily if you wash them inside out. (Don't worry, this isn't turning into a laundry blog). 

You can not go wrong with monochrome. If I'm particularly feeling like I don't know what goes together and a bit uninspired I'll always opt for monochrome. Heck, sometimes I rock monochrome even when I do have inspiration! For me it always feels classy. And monochrome always means that your lipstick can never clash with your outfit, go as bright as you like!

There are no rules
Just when you think you know the rules of fashion, they change. Socks and sandals? Visible underwear? Jeans that are too short? 
My big thing is don't wear black and blue and then Kristen Stewart appears in Chanel's pre fall campaign in black, blue and brown. So now, I get it. There are no rules. Or "rules are made to be broken" if you're more daring. Wear what you feel comfortable in. There's nothing worse than seeing someone tugging at what they're wearing because they don't feel right in it. Equally, if someone is wearing orange sandals, pink socks, jeans that are too short, a red shirt and a bit of a lacy bra peeking out and they're wearing a great big grin then cool. If they're comfortable and confident in it then that's awesome. 

 What have you learnt through blogging? I'm thinking of doing this blog around every three months so let me know if you enjoyed it!
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  2. this is such a great post! i especially love your three tips in the blogging section! I'd love it if youd comment back xx

    1. Thank you :) I always like reading what newer bloggers have to say about what they've learnt so I thought I'd give it a go too :) xx

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