Saturday, 8 November 2014

The answer to those Wintery dry lips.

I always seem to have dry lips. Winter or Summer I am the girl who slathers on a load of Vaseline before I go to bed and yet I still wake up without the Angelina Jolie pout I so desperately want. Okay, so Vaseline doesn't make your lips plump and perfect, but it should at least soothe that horrible dry chapped skin, right? 

Think about it. When you have dry skin on your face or body we usually exfoliate and then moisturise to ensure that the dry skin doesn't keep creeping back. This is the same for your lips. How can you expect your lips to become smooth and supple if you're only covering the skin and not technically treating it?

Soap and Glory's mighty mouth smooth and soften is a little gem. It has an exfoliating side as well as a balm so it's two amazing products in one. This also means you don't have to carry around an awkward exfoliating mixture of sugar, water and honey which most bloggers hype about. So you exfoliate first with the rougher scrubby side pictured on the left before applying the softening balm over to lock it all in. Doing this prior to lipstick or as your daily lip balm will see your lips looking baby soft in no time. 

Sadly Soap and Glory no longer sell this, I have no idea why! But you can get it on the likes of amazon and makeupalley. It also comes with a lip plumping gloss which I personally didn't really get on with (tingly, swollen lips isn't my thing!), but the smooth and soften is worth the money (just ten pounds) on its own!

Have you found anything that beats those dry Wintery lips?
cottonandcandie x


  1. I like the idea of an exfoliating side, and a moisturizing side. Too bad it is no longer sold.
    Bright Shiny Day

    1. I know! I don't know what I'm going to do when it runs out! xx


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