Sunday, 16 November 2014

Creating a bucket list.

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Things to do before you die. It's a scary concept, but you don't want to get to 100 (I will get that card from Queen Liz!) and think about all the things you wished you had done, learnt or visited. 

Be as ambitious or reserved as you like, my very first one is to go to Hong Kong and recently I ticked off Ride a mechanical bull, completely different things. Think about things you would like to own, become, drive, collect, master, who you would like to meet, anything!

Here's my list, I hope you get some inspiration to create your own!

- Visit Hong Kong:
I don't know what my obsession is, but I'm so desperate to go. That skyline!

- Have green hair:  
I'm talking mint green, not bright lime, here!

- Go/learn to ski or snowboard

- Go scuba diving

- Visit Thailand 

- Learn to surf
I have family in Cornwall, I just need to brave the cold!

- Ride an elephant

- Learn sign language/makaton: 
 I know real basic makaton but want to be able to hold a conversation.

- Sky dive:  
Or rather have someone force me out the plane.

- Learn to skate and skate along a promenade:  
They do this in a music video and it just looks cool as.

- Watch all of the Fast and furious films in a row: 
 I just love them, okay?

- See the Northern lights

- Watch the sun rise: 
 I've seen it set but never rise!

- Visit New York:  
Need I say more?

- Own my own dog
- Have a job which I love:  
That job where you feel sad that you have a bank holiday Monday and can't work.

- Do the colour run

- Go to Glastonbury
I've been to Latitude, Reading, V and Wireless, just Glasto to go!

- Drive a golf buggy

- Visit Las Vegas 

- Make an item of clothing

- Learn to do the scorpion 
You know the yoga position where they're on their forearms and doing a handstand with their legs touching their head?

- Take a class in something random

- Have my portrait painted

- Go zorbing
That one where you're in a big ball and roll down a hill. 

- Visit a rainforest

-  Learn to do the splits
See my latest "wishes" post here of my hopes for the month! 

- Take a food challenge
Like one where you eat a ridiculous amount and if you can finish you get it for free.

- Visit 50 countries by the time I am 50
 I'm doing well! I'm on either 21 or 20 and I'm 21!

- Go jet skiing

- Visit every continent
So there's mine! Are any of your things to do before you die the same?
How are you guys liking my more frequent lifestyle posts?
cottonandcandie x

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