Thursday, 20 November 2014

Cagecity: My first blogging shoot.

So here I am outside Cagecity's pop up store in Brockley, South East London just after I had a lovely hour or so with them checking out their incredible unique clothing and having a laid back photoshoot with the girls from Cagecity, Nadine and Imogen. 

Cagecity approached me via bloggerbase inviting me to come in and have a look at their brand and to ask if I would like a photoshoot with them. This being my very first blogging shoot and the very first organisation that found me through my blog I eagerly emailed back yes.

For the shoot I was able to pick three outfits of my own choice from the rails, this was a very hard decision I can tell you! There was a mixture of graduates' creations as well as Cagecity's beautiful prints and I picked a mixture of the two.

For look number one I chose these amazing brightly coloured shorts paired with a cropped white shirt with sheer panels. These shorts were the first thing I picked up, the colours are so vibrant and I love how one leg of the shorts has vertical strokes and the other leg has horizontal. I veered towards a more formal approach for styling these shorts but I also think they'd be a cute pair to wear along the seafront when we see the glorious sun again! This shirt is to die for, I love the simplicity of it and the sheer panels also give it that edge so it's not your standard office worker's simple shirt.

Yes I should have worn a different bra. Let's overlook this. How gorgeous is this dress? I mean you literally do not need any form of accessory with it. I love everything about it and now looking at the photos some more I've just opened up a tab to find it and put it on my Christmas list. Long sleeves which are practical for Winter yet the cut out keeps it from being too conservative and let's be honest, in a print like this I think it would be hard not to turn heads.

This top is another piece I desperately need to add to my wardrobe but I believe it is a graduate piece so I think this means there is only one of these that has been made! The material is exquisite and the colour and cut of the neckline are really unusual, I honestly I can't say I've seen anything like this! I wish the trousers I'm wearing here where a little higher waisted as I think the photos draw eyes in towards my stomach rather than the blouse! These trousers are also the comfiest things ever, and the tie dye almost misty looking effect was really cool.

It was great going to Cagecity's cute little pop up shop and so much fun shooting with all their beautiful clothes, still can't believe someone as unphotogenic as me was asked for a photoshoot but hey I enjoyed every minute.

There will also be a feature of me on "Cagecity meets" I'm not sure when it will be up so if you happen to have a little look and see a silvery haired girl then give me a shout! 

cottonandcandie x

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