Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Brow power//Gel liner for brows?!

I needed a brow revamp. Fast. They were looking messy, powdery and what I was using just wasn't long lasting at all. I went to Nars to ask for ideas and advice and they gave me loads of options. Firstly, there's a velvety retractable brow pencil, eye shadow which can be used to shape brows and gel liner. 

I was really interested in how the gel liner would work so I asked the Nars assistant and she made me up. She did a beautiful job taming my unruly brows and I was so amazed at how they looked! Firstly she lined the bottom to get a nice arch and then built up the shape from there; she didn't do a definite line in the top as she explained that this can sometimes come off as quite harsh. They were a bit dark at first so she used a spoolie brush as well as a cotton bud to make them look more natural.The shape was incredible and I thought the colour (after the spoolie and cotton bud!) was a lot more natural for my colouring. Because it is gel liner it means that it absolutely does not budge. So gym, rain, whatever the weather your fierce brows will stay put. I also bought an angled eyeliner brush which works really well for brows due to the shape, as it's really thin it means that there's less chance that you'll end up with accidental gigantic brows as you can build the shape up. 

But. And this is a massive but. I have tried to do them myself and I just can't!! I've tried so many times and they just look muddy and dark and I cannot do the shape as good as she did. I love the brush but it's just the consistency of the liner that I cannot get used to applying it to my brows. I am so gutted because I loved how they looked but I also really don't like the idea of using a gel eyeliner on my brows, it just seems too harsh! 

If you have a skilled and steady hand and are naturally good at shaping brows then absolutely go for this, because they really can look amazing. 
What do you think about gel liner for brows?
cottonandcandie x


  1. Your brows look amazing :)! I feel you though, I'm terrible at shaping my brows myself. I have to say I've never used gel liner for eyebrows, I don't think I'd be very good at it! xx

    1. Thank you, she did such a good job! Yes, as am I! I always end up with the tadpole look haha! xx


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