Friday, 31 October 2014

The only face brush you will ever need.

I jumped on the band wagon. I've walked past the range of Real techniques brushes in Asda wayyy too many times for me to ignore the urge to buy one any longer. This is my first Real techniques brush and I chose the Expert face brush. It's perfect for liquid, cream or powder foundation as well as blusher, bronzer and face powder - hence it's called the Expert face brush! This brush really is a versatile one brush fits all kind of brush, so much so that I've ditched my regular kabuki for applying my bronzer as I'm so impressed with it. 

I've only ever had one other foundation brush before and due to the flat shape of it, it made applying foundation difficult as you were unable to brush in circular motions to buff your foundation in and so you were left with the dreaded brush stroke lines. I ditched this brush fairly quickly as I found myself using my fingers to blend in the foundation anyway. 
Watching the expert face brush tutorial, which you can find here, I learnt that the reason the bristles (which are synthetic and 100% cruelty free!) are formed in a rounded and slightly domed shape is so that you can brush your product outwards towards the edge of the face as well as using circular motions to blend and buff your product in; leaving a smooth picture perfect and streak-free finish without needing a separate brush to blend. Other pros include the handle as it makes it really easy to use, the fact that it's self standing, the bristles which are super soft yet firm, and of course the price, at just ten pounds I really don't know what you're waiting for. 

Through researching I have found that some people are unhappy with the amount of bristles that have shed, however I have not had this problem at all. Some reviews which agree with me are suggesting that some could be aggressively tugging at the bristles when cleaning the brush, so of course if you pull a bristle hard enough, it will fall out. But again, this has not been an issue with me whatsoever.

I really have got excited over this brush and I almost look forward to applying my foundation because of just how perfect it comes out now by using this! I love that this is multi-purpose as well and am so pleased this is the brush I chose first, I'll never need to get another face brush again! 
I did say need, but whether I want another is a totally different matter..

Have you tried Real Techniques brushes?
cottonandcandie x


  1. I've been debating getting this brush for the last few weeks! I was trying to find out what the difference was between all the face brushes, so thanks for that. Definitely going to pick one up next time I'm in the shops! x

    1. Absolutely get it! I know I had to do loads of research first to find out what was the difference but I'm so glad I got this one instead of their standard foundation brush! Hope you like it as much as I do :) xx


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