Wednesday, 29 October 2014

OOTD: Please don't tell me I look like Miley//Faux fur jacket

I have finally found a beautiful, bargain faux fur jacket. I've never committed myself to buying an expensive vintage one in fear that it isn't actually fake fur but also because they can be very pricey for something that may never be the same again if you spill anything down it. Being a well known mucky pup, I waited patiently for high street shops to start getting in the fur. It has cropped sleeves which I think look quite cute, being as short as I am I didn't want a coat to swamp me so this was an alternative which I was happy with. It does come with a rather tacky looking sparkly brooch, but I unpinned and binned this straight away.

I wore this with a Topshop crop which is from last year as the mustard patterns broke up the black on black on black. I also added a gold necklace from Primark as I felt like I needed something there seeing as I my hair was all up. With a crop top meant I had to wear high waisted jeans, I chose my black New look ones and then my Primark boots which I wrote about, here, still loving them!

Do you like the hair? Too Miley?
Are you as obsessed with faux fur as I am?
cottonandcandie x

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