Tuesday, 21 October 2014

OOTD: Over the shoulders jackets

There's something just so chic about wearing a jacket over your shoulders. In every set of wedding photos, the ones where you've been kindly given (or pinched) a suit jacket and someone has put it over your shoulders so you don't get cold: that is always the nicest lot of photos of the evening. Am I right? 
The second photo was my regular OOTD, a H&M vest dress in teal, H&M statement necklace, chunky boots from Primark which featured in my last fashion post and Mac: Viva Glam I on my lips. 

The first jacket I tried was a light grey blazer from New look. I like this office-y, just got out of work look and I think it can look really classy. I rarely wear this blazer as it never sat right however putting it over my shoulders instead has definitely made me wear it more. 

The second jacket I don't think looked quite right as the arms stuck out a bit (maybe I could tuck them into the pockets?) but I love the furry collar with this outfit and think that the photos taken closer up looked nicer. This jacket is from River Island last year, it's quite an unconventional parka jacket as it's quite a deep green and the material and quilted effect to it are entirely different from what you'd expect a parka to look like. 

Which jacket do you prefer with this outfit? Will you be rocking the coat as a cape trend?
cottonandcandie x


  1. I LOVE your style and outfit! The coat is lovely! The furry collar is so cute!


    1. Thank you! I love this coat, I've been literally waiting for the colder weather so I can wear this! xx


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