Thursday, 23 October 2014

My Barry M nail paint collection


I've always loved Barry M, as a teen I spent many a weekend gushing over the different shades of their dazzle dust and although I'm not into the "stumbled into a glitter pot" look now, my adoration for their nail paint has never ceased.

Firstly, I always find that Barry M is just one step ahead with their nail polish ideas, the crackle ones, magnetic, matte topcoat, gelly, they're always bringing out something which us ladies can't help but pick up and try.

Here's my Barry M collection, and yes I do like blue. I also went through a stage of almost repurchasing very similar colours to ones I already owned just so that I had the gelly hi-shine version as well as the regular.

First row: Espresso matte, Foil effects silver, Rose quartz glitter, Diamond glitter, Matte topcoat and Magnetic violet. 

A good old fashioned black nail is what I reach for most of the time, black is timeless and it goes with everything. I especially like a matte nail, so Espresso matte is my absolute go to nail polish. Foil effects I was a little disappointed with as I thought it would really give my nails that almost mirror effect shine (yes, I know I must have had really high hopes for this.) Rose quartz and Diamond glitter I often add to an accent nail if I'm going out or Christmastime - gotta sparkle at Christmas! The matte topcoat I reviewed here, and the magnetic one I've sadly lot the magnet for it!!

Second row:  Limited edition pink, Passion fruit, Bright red, No name! (red glitter), Mango

The limited edition pink I got from some of my friends for my birthday (they know me so well), and I absolutely loved it. It looks very barbie like in the bottle but on the nails it's a gorgeous pinky purple which isn't too girlie - a must for me! Passion fruit (I love that all the gellys are name after fruit) looks like it should be a real neon pink but after two coats it comes out as your standard red, which is a bit of a shame! Next is "Bright red", don't let the lack of an exciting name fool you, I've had to repurchase this twice! It's a real bold colour, and yes, I guess I would say it was "bright". Next to this is one which has no name, it's a glittery red but painted on the nail it looks clear with small dots of red, if any. You really need at least 500000 coats of this to be an actual glittery red nail but it does have a nice subtle effect if you apply it on top of a red nail. 
Mango. Every time I've applied this I've taken it back off again, and now it's Autumn I feel even less inclined to try and rock this real shocker of a colour!

Third and final row: Blackberry, Guava, Greenberry, Blue grape, Nail effects Blue crackle, Cyan blue, Blueberry, Indigo. 

First up is blackberry, this is the most recent polish I bought and it was on the featured section for Autumn, it's a real nice inky blue which makes a change from the standard black. Guava is one of my personal favourites and I actually have two bottles of this because I didn't realise I had already bought it! Greenberry is really quite bright, this is the exact colour I think of when people say turquoise and I wore this loads on holiday and throughout Summer. Next to this is Blue grape which is a royal blue, definitely a very understated colour, everyone needs this in their nail wardrobe! I never really got on with the crackle polishes, especially seeing as I had it in blue and could never really decide what colour to pair it with. Now Cyan blue was literally my colour in high school. I'd wear it on toes and fingers and when it chipped I would take it off and repaint the exact same colour. Gelly hi shine in Blueberry is a shade I never get bored of, I love that it's pastel without being wishy washy. Finally, my last colour is a blurple, which looks more blue with a second coat and looks quite translucent without. 

What's your favourite shade? Do you have a go-to brand for nails?
cottonandcandie x


  1. I love Barry M although my polish collection isn't quite as big as yours! I love all your blue polish!

    1. Love a good blue! I've been collecting for so long haha xx


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