Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Hair wash day

Hair wash day. It's a sad day isn't it? Getting up early and all for your hair just to look better the following day when it has a bit of grit to it (is it just me that this happens to?)
Anyway, I thought I'd go through my current favourite hair products which make breaking away from my bed a little easier for me. 

First up: shampoo and conditioner. I've reviewed the Anti breakage keratin oil Shampoo and Conditioner already back in July and can safely say it's still going and I'm still so happy with it. My hair is now in such better condition since I started (and I started with seriously bleached and frazzled hair!) and is always silky smooth. There isn't really a need to leave the conditioner in for that long because it works it's magic in minutes, I just comb it through with my wide toothed Toni and Guy comb, finish washing my body and then rinse out.

After I'm squeaky clean and out of the shower I make a special effort not to towel dry my hair too much. Aggressively rubbing at your hair with a towel can lead to breakage and more knots, so try to pat the hair dry or gently squeezing the lengths of your hair with a towel. 

I use Organix Moroccan argan oil on towel dried hair and I just apply this on the very ends of my hair as I have been advised by a hairdresser. As the ends of your hair will naturally be drier than the rest, applying Moroccan oil to the lengths of your hair isn't really necessary and can lead to your hair becoming greasier in the long run.

My last product which I apply before drying is Aussie's miracle recharge moisture leave in conditioner, and I just spray this through the lengths of my hair and finger comb through, it smells so good. Unless you want seriously greasy roots - do not apply at the roots. I warned you!

I put my hair in its natural middle parting with a comb and blow dry. I'm sure I don't need to tell you that brushing your hair when it's wet is baaad news hence why I use a comb in the shower with my conditioner instead. 

Finally I either go for the beachy surfer look by spraying Aussie's miracle beach waves onto dry hair and scrunching gently or for a sleek and smooth look I opt for Aussie's soft feel serum - I've had this for ages and it never lets me down!

What hair products are your current staples?
cottonandcandie x


  1. These products look amazing and I love Aussie products, especially the 3 minute miracle!


    1. Thank you, I love that one too, I make sure always to take it with me on holiday! xx

  2. really need to try some more aussie products!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc.com

    1. They're great and they smell so good! :) xx

  3. Need to get me some of that anti breakage shampoo and conditioner my bleached hair is so frazzled :(! I've tried coconut oil treatments almond oil aswell nothing's working!!! would love it if you could follow my blog and leave a comment beaut! www.roxancolex.blogspot.co.uk

  4. The products look cool! I would love to try them sometime. :)
    Have a look at my blog? Let me know what yout think.



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