Friday, 3 October 2014

A cleansed face is a happy face

 If you've clicked on this because of the title, then you definitely have the same childish humour as me.

I've been loyal to the same cleanser for two years now. Before that I'm embarrassed to say that I didn't even use one, my skin has never been overly spotty so I never thought it was really necessary. Anyway, when my usual cleanser ran out I popped to Sainsbury's to get another. To my horror (seriously, this was a great cleanser) I could not find it anywhere. Not being able to find the same cleanser I chose two different ones from Neutrogena's visibly clear range as my previous cleanser was also from this range. I chose the Gentle exfoliating wash and the Pore and shine daily scrub because they were 2 for 5 pounds and I just couldn't choose between them.

I tried Pore and shine daily scrub out first, it comes out as a white formula with little bluey-green exfoliating microbeads within it. It's not too thick so it goes on the skin smoothly and the tangerine and lime fragrance is heavenly - I didn't want to wash it off! This does say it's a daily scrub rather than one which you use a few times a week but I would advise not using it more than once a day as it can be a little drying (I have combination skin with a fairly oily T-zone). I've been using it for a little under a month and my skin feels very smooth and soft, it's made such a difference to applying make up! It has also reduced my pores so I feel a lot more confident with and without make up.

Being so impressed with the first product it took me a while to take the plunge with the second. The Gentle exfoliating wash is just that, gentle. Although Pore and shine isn't particularly rough I did feel the need to apply a thicker cream straight after, therefore Pore and shine is more suitable in your nighttime routine and the Gentle exfoliating wash in the morning. This product is thicker with softer microbeads and definitely needs to be applied to a wet face - this way it lathers up nicely. It doesn't smell as nice as the other one but you can't have everything seeing as this product has "Microclear patented spot fighting technology". - This I can safely say I now believe in, my skin has never been clearer! 

Which cleansers do you prefer? Have you tried the Visibly clear range?
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