Tuesday, 2 September 2014

The last Summer OOTD post for the year?

Yesterday morning I was feeling positive. I reflected my happy mood with Summery clothes in pink, cream and blue. I didn't look at the weather forecast because I'm an idiot and walked out without a care (or an umbrella) in the world. I didn't even get a chance to do my OOTD post before the heavens opened, so here are my indoor, post shower, sodden outfit photos. 

I now have blue Topshop Joni jeans in a mid stone wash, however they look more navy due to the rain! I'm kicking myself because I didn't get them earlier in the year (i.e before Summer started) as now Autumn is looming in this blue just doesn't seem to fit. 

The short baby pink vest is something I just grabbed on a shopping spree earlier this Summer but I've actually managed to wear it so much. I love the subtle floral design it has which you can only really see from up close! This is a collection 915 New look buy - yep another kids section piece!   

I wanted to wear this with my grey cardigan from H&M but I've left it at uni, so chose a cream instead. Looking back I think it was the better choice anyway as it keeps the colours looking girlie and fresh. 
And luckily I brought my big Mum style cardigan with me to fend off the rain a bit. This was quite an expensive cardigan for me at 30 pounds from H&M but I really haven't stopped wearing it since last year so I definitely feel that I justified buying it. 

The gold triangle laden necklace is Topshop and I still can't believe it was in the sale.

And of course, the ever trusty converse. 

Are you feeling more Autumnal yet? Or are you holding on to Summer?!

cottonandcandie x

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