Tuesday, 23 September 2014

OOTD: Vintage vixen

My last shift was today before I go back to uni! So after work I changed into this before heading out to have dinner with a friend at Wagamamas.

This gorgeous printed shirt was a find at Brick lane in one of their Vintage shops. It's suuuper oversized which just makes it all the more comfy. Make sure to either cinch in the waist or tuck a corner in though when wearing an overzied shirt; you don't want it looking like it's drowning you! I love the Autumnal vibe this shirt brings with the colours however I have also worn this in Summer with a pair of high-waisted Levi's, so it is a piece which can take you through most of the year.

I teamed this with a standard pair of black leggings which were probably from Select or George at Asda (so cheap yet such good quality!!) and my black floppy hat which I bought for holiday, see my Holiday hoard post here

This is also the second time in a row which my OOTD has featured Doc Martens. For me these are such an Autumn/Winter shoe as you can wear them in the most miserable of weather and won't get cold, wet or slip over! These are a patent black pair, my other pair are a pewter metallic colour which I featured in my last OOTD post

Sunglasses are from Crete, can't go wrong with some Fake bans!

What have you been wearing recently? Have you been to Brick lane yet? 

cottonandcandie x 


  1. Love those sunglasses. They look awesome with you hat!
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