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Mac Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadow: Amberluxe

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For mine and Zak's first anniversary (of being together, not married, I'm only 21!) he bought me this beautiful Mac eye palette and a lipstick - boy did good. The palette is from a line of Veluxe pearlfusion shadow palettes, this one is called Amberluxe as the main colour which stands out in this palette is the gorgeous medium orange.

For this look I used the third or middle shade which looks like your standard brown. This colour is entirely different to how it looks in the palette. As you can see from my photos above it goes on as a coppery bronze which was really easy to apply as it was so pigmented. 
I then dabbed on the first shade in the inner corner of my eye with the first shade in the palette which is a yellow toned white, which provided a sheer yet shimmery look to the inner corner of my eye. 

In my opinion it didn't wear very well compared to the Naked palette I recently purchased which was disappointing considering the price (Naked palette at 37 for twelve shadows and Mac palette 30 for just five). But bear in mind this was worn working in a kitchen for eight hours and I am of course comparing Mac to Urban Decay, two very different brands. However as the palette is easy to fit in your clutch bag this isn't a big issue for me as you can apply on the go.

Since writing this I have braved the orange shade, it can look a bit like your eyes are pretty sore if you just use it on its own but blended with the yellow tone on the inner corner and the dark brown on the outer it can be a really unique look! 

Have you tried a Mac eye palette? Which one is your favourite or are lusting after? 

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  1. this palette looks amazing! youre really good at eye make up and i cant get over how long your eye lashes are!! id love it if youd comment back xx

    1. Thank you so much! I used to hate them when I was little because I wore glasses and they'd always push my eyelashes back haha xx

  2. That palette looks really lovely and handy for all sorts of looks! x

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