Sunday, 14 September 2014

Glamour's September issue: What should be in your Autumn wardobe.

Flicking through the September issue of Glamour I am struck with panic. Am I Autumn ready? What did I even wear last Autumn?! Am I allowed to walk around in my duvet? 
- Probably, I am a student.. If like me you'd prefer not to don your latest bedsheets I've shot a few pages of Glamour magazine for a little inspiration.

 Rita and DKNY set the monochrome tone with stripes, textures and a mix of slouchy and chic. I love that all of this looks so wearable, they all look comfy in what they're wearing and the pieces can be easily mixed and matched. So according to DKNY, Autumn is leather, fur, black and white.

Again, more comfort! How warm does this coat look, and again, monochrome but anything but boring. I love the stolen your boyfriend's wardrobe slightly oversized look to Armani's A/W wear. The mix of the heels with the second outfit also hints at the ladylike elegance that can be found within the tailored, boyish style.
 Cavilli. Different already with their pops of scarlet and blue, proving that black and white is sometimes not all you need. The layering and textures to this photo really drew me in. There's still the daring bare leg here but a fur coat and scarves are firmly on!
 For me, these photos look gloomy and dark, so yep, English Autumn is here. Pinko's looks are very casual, I like that the hair is slightly undone and everything is unfussy, if that's a word? Black and white stripes as featured in DKNY, but this time, thin, plain and simple with long sleeves. Such an easy look to recreate yourself.

 No, I'm not advising you to go out in your underwear. But I like the idea of clinging on to the last bit of Summer with a bit of lace. Think pretty bralets peeking out from a slouchy jumper. Or just knowing that you're wearing a delicate matching set underneath can give you the nice warm glow to beat the cold!

The mini, boxy satchel is back. This time it looks like deeper, bolder colours are the way forward, pushing the pastel cuteness off the shelves. Let's just hope we can fit the kitchen sink in there to replace our regular day bag. 

That's my take on A/W14 from September's Glamour issue. What will you be wearing when the weather turns? 

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