Friday, 5 September 2014

Concealer: to splurge or to save?

I've never really used concealer, or foundation for that matter. Because I have quite a lot of freckles I feel that I don't really look right when they're covered up with make up! I usually just wear bronzer and blusher in terms of a base and sometimes a teenie bit of foundation because I'm prone to flushing a nice shade of crimson when it's even slightly warm. However, recently I've felt that if I used a little concealer I'd feel a lot more confident in my own skin. 

At the moment I don't have any spots (success!) so I just had the pesky dark circle area to get rid of. Having glandular fever Christmas 2013 really knocked me for six and I still get spells of real fatigue now, so under-eye "bags" is definitely a problem area for me. I popped into Boots and tried two just before I started work (hence the uniform) one being 9 pounds (which for me seems quite expensive for a concealer considering my foundation is around that mark!) and the other just 2. Both are the very lightest shade. Before reading on take another look at the picture and make a note in your head of which under-eye area you think looks the best.

I asked two people, a boy and a girl. The girl I asked during work and the boy I asked after and both decided that the concealer I used on the left worked the best. This, surprise surprise was actually the cheaper of the two, proving that sometimes it's not always the price tag that we should be looking for if we want good quality make up! I recently read a post by Lily Melrose who suggests which beauty products to splurge on and which to save up for, here

The concealers I tried were L'oreal's true match touche magique, a click pen with a very thin formula - 9 pounds and Natural collection's twist up cover up stick - 2 pounds. 

Did you agree that the concealer I used on the left works best for me? Which concealer do you use?

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